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  1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1985)


    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a 1985 Australian made-for-television animated film from Burbank Films Australia. The film is based on Jules Verne's classic French novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, first published in 1870, and was adapted by Stephen MacLean. It was produced by Tim Brooke-Hunt and featured original music by John Stuart. The copyright in this film is now owned by Pulse Distribution and Entertainment and administered by digital rights management firm NuTech Digital.

  2. 'A'

    'A' (1965)


    A is a 1965 short film animated by Jan Lenica. It involves a writer tormented by a giant letter "A". He frees himself from the "A" only to encounter a "B". It began production in late 1965 and premiered at the Oberhausen Film Festival in February 1965.

  3. A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol (1997)


    A Christmas Carol is a 1997 animated musical film version of the book of the same name by Charles Dickens. It features eight new songs and a voice line-up including Tim Curry, Whoopi Goldberg, Ed Asner and Michael York.

  4. A Day at the Zoo

    A Day at the Zoo (1939)


    A Day at the Zoo is a 1939 Warner Bros. animated cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. It was directed by Tex Avery, with musical direction by Carl Stalling. It was written by Melvin Millar. No voice credits are given. Mel Blanc provides most of the incidental voices. The narrator is Robert C. Bruce.

  5. A Fish Tale

    A Fish Tale (2000)


    Help! I'm a Fish (Danish: Hjælp, jeg er en fisk; a.k.a. A Fish Tale) is a 2000 Danish-Norwegian-German-Irish animated comedy-drama film directed by Stefan Fjeldmark and Michael Hegner, It was released on October 6, 2000 in Denmark and released on August 10, 2001 in United Kingdom.

  6. A Journey Through Fairyland

    A Journey Through Fairyland (1985)


    A Journey Through Fairyland (aka Yousei Furorensu or Fairy Florence 妖精フローレンス) is a 90-minute 1985 South Korean/Japanese/American animated film by Sanrio, the company which animated Unico, Legend of Sirius and Ringing Bell, though this story is less sought out as a rarity among Sanrio cult classic collectors. It is also Sanrio's final feature-length anime film until 2007. It was brought to America in 1995 through a company called Celebrity Home Ent. Unlike previous works, this one mainly focuses on music more than plot, prompting it to be compared with Disney's older work Fantasia (Video Business review). The one original piece is "My Name is Florence," which contains lyrics and is sung in the film; all other songs on the soundtrack are works of classical composition, written by Beethoven and other similarly noteworthy composers.

  7. A Lecture on Camouflage

    A Lecture on Camouflage (1944)


    A Lecture on Camouflage is a 1944 American animated film directed by Chuck Jones. A Private Snafu cartoon short made for the troops during World War II.

  8. A Scanner Darkly

    A Scanner Darkly (2006)


    A Scanner Darkly is a 2006 American animated science fiction thriller film directed by Richard Linklater based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. The film tells the story of identity and deception in a near-future dystopia constantly under intrusive high-technology police surveillance in the midst of a drug addiction epidemic. The film was shot digitally and then animated using interpolated rotoscope, an animation technique in which animators trace over the original footage frame by frame, for use in live-action and animated films, giving the finished result a distinctive animated look.

  9. A Town Called Panic

    A Town Called Panic (2009)


    A Town Called Panic (French: Panique au village) is a 2009 stop-motion animated film, co-produced by Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It was directed by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar and is based on the TV series of the same name. It premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and was the first stop-motion film to be screened at the festival.

  10. Delhi Safari

    Delhi Safari (2012)


    Delhi Safari is a 2012 Indian bilingual stereoscopic 3D animation film directed by Nikhil Advani. It has been produced by Krayon Pictures (a Pune based 3D animation studio). The film is based on a story and concept by Advani and features the voices of Akshaye Khanna, Govinda, Sunil Shetty, Boman Irani, and Urmila Matondkar. The screenplay of the film is written by Girish Dhamija and Suresh Nair. The film traces the journey of five animals and birds from Mumbai to Delhi. The music of the film is composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while the lyrics are penned by Sameer. It is India's first stereoscopic 3D animation feature film. The film released in India on 19 October 2012.

  11. Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland (1976)


    Alicia en el país de las maravillas (English:Alice in Wonderland) is an Argentinian 1976 Spanish language adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

  12. ¡Vampiros en La Habana!

    ¡Vampiros en La Habana! (1985)


    ¡Vampiros en La Habana! (English title: Vampires in Havana) is a Cuban animated film directed by Juan Padrón. Released in 1985, the film features trumpet performances by Arturo Sandoval. A sequel to the film, called Más vampiros en La Habana, was released in 2003.

  13. Babak & Friends: A First Norooz

    Babak & Friends: A First Norooz (2005)


    Babak and Friends - A First Norooz is a direct-to-DVD animated film by Norooz Productions, later renamed Big Bad Boo Studios. The 33-minute cartoon was released in 2005. The film was made to teach children about the Persian New Year Norooz, celebrating the coming of spring and is about a little boy named Babak who is stuck between being Iranian and being American. Through a dream and magical visit by Amoo norooz, Babak learns to be proud of his heritage and celebrates the New Year with his family. The movie was produced by Aly Jetha, Shabnam Rezaei, Matt Hullum, Dustin Ellis, and Mastaneh Moghadam, and written and directed by Dustin Ellis. It included the voices of oscar-nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, Parviz Sayyad, Ali Pourtash and Catherine Bell. It was the first time the character of Amoo Norooz was animated in Iranian history. The movie was produced in both English and Persian as a language-learning tool for Iranian-American children.

  14. Back to School with Franklin

    Back to School with Franklin (2003)


    Back to School with Franklin is the third Franklin movie, released direct-to-video and DVD. It has since aired on Noggin and possibly on other networks as well.

  15. Bad Ol' Putty Tat

    Bad Ol' Putty Tat (1949)


    Bad Ol' Putty Tat is a 1948 Merrie Melodies (Blue Ribbon reissued in the opening, with original ending) animated cartoon released by Warner Bros. starring Tweety Bird and directed by Friz Freleng. Tweety must evade the titular "puddy tat," Sylvester the Cat, who is once again in hot pursuit of Tweety, just so that he can eat him for his own personal snack. It provides an anomaly in the Sylvester & Tweety pairings: In this one, Tweety provides almost all the dialogue, and then mainly to the audience. Tweety's voice is performed by Mel Blanc, who also screams out Sylvester's pain in mid-film. The story was written by Tedd Pierce, who also was assumed to have appeared (albeit in caricature from an earlier Warners cartoon) here.

  16. Bahía mágica

    Bahía mágica (2002)


    Magic Bay (Spanish title: Bahía mágica) is a 2002 Argentine animated adventure film combining a human cast with animated figures, directed by Marina Valentini and script written by José María Paolantonio based on a book by Ricardo Wullicher.

  17. Bajaja

    Bajaja (1950)

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    Prince Bayaya (Czech: Bajaja) is a 1950 Czechoslovak animated film directed by Jiří Trnka.

  18. Balto III: Wings of Change

    Balto III: Wings of Change (2004)


    Balto III: Wings of Change is a 2004 American straight-to-video sequel to Universal Studios' 2002 animated film Balto II: Wolf Quest, and the 1995 film Balto.

  19. Balto: Wolf Quest

    Balto: Wolf Quest (2002)


    Balto II: Wolf Quest is a 2002 American straight-to-DVD sequel to Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment' 1995 animated film Balto.

  20. Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World

    Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World (1987)


    Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World is a 1987 TV special created by DIC Entertainment with Saban Productions featuring popular Mattel character Barbie. The story was based upon the Barbie and the Rockers line of dolls, which featured Barbie as the leader of a rock band. The special originally aired in syndication as a two-part TV "mini-series" with each installment lasting approximately 25 minutes; part two was entitled "Barbie and The Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth". This miniseries was supposed to have been the pilot for a Monday-Friday Barbie cartoon series. Unfortunately, negotiations between DIC and Mattel fell through, and the project eventually emerged with a whole new set of characters — and the sponsorship of Mattel rival Hasbro — as Maxie's World in 1988. The story was based on the Barbie and the Rockers doll line in which Barbie is the lead singer of a rock band. The two-part special was later released on video as a single movie by Hi-Tops Video.

  21. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

    Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007)


    Since her film debut in 1987 in Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World, Barbie has been a virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films. After a fourteen-year absence, Mattel commissioned Barbie to be featured as a heroine of several princess or fairy-themed stories to accompany a franchise of related dolls and accessories.

  22. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

    Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)


    Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is a direct-to-video computer animated Barbie film directed by Greg Richardson and loosely based on the fairytale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". It is part of the Barbie film series and features the voice of Kelly Sheridan as Barbie. This film was released on September 19, 2006.

  23. Barbie of Swan Lake

    Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)


    Barbie of Swan Lake is a 2003 direct-to-DVD Barbie movie directed by Owen Hurley. It is the third computer animated movie of Barbie film series, and the second film based on Tchaikovsky's ballet. Barbie and Odette are voiced by Kelly Sheridan. The story is an adaptation from "Swan Lake".

  24. Bartok the Magnificent

    Bartok the Magnificent (1999)


    Bartok the Magnificent, directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, is a 1999 direct-to-video spin-off to the 1997 film Anastasia, which features Hank Azaria as the voice of Bartok, Kelsey Grammer as the voice of Zozi, and Jennifer Tilly as Piloff. It is a "family adventure...animated comedy" film, according to Fort Oglethorpe Press.

  25. Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast (1993)


    Beauty and the Beast is an 48-minute animated film originally released on May 4th, 1992, and based on the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Like all other Golden Films productions, the film featured a single theme song, "The Beauty in the Beast", written and composed by Richard Hurwitz and John Arrias. Produced by Golden Films and the American Film Investment Corporation, it was distributed to DVD in 2002 by GoodTimes Entertainment, as part of its "Collectible Classics" line.

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