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Here are the films / movies of 1967. The good, the bad, the long, the short, the box office hits and the surprise packages! It's all about the films and movies we went to see and it's all about what was around in 1967.
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  1. 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

    2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (1967)


    Two or Three Things I Know About Her (2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle) (1967) is a French film directed by Jean-Luc Godard, one of three features he completed that year. Like the other two (Week End and La Chinoise), it is considered both socially and stylistically radical. Village Voice critic Amy Taubin considers it one of the greatest achievements in filmmaking.

  2. ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1 ...morte

    ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1 ...morte (1967)


    Mission Stardust (Italian: ...4...3...2...1...Morte), (German: Perry Rhodan – SOS aus dem Weltall), and (Spanish: Órbita Mortal), is a 1967 Italian science fiction film. It was based on the Perry Rhodan universe, and is considered so appallingly bad that fans of the series playfully deny its very existence.

  3. 40 Guns to Apache Pass

    40 Guns to Apache Pass (1967)


    40 Guns to Apache Pass is a 1967 Western film directed by William Witney and starring Audie Murphy. The picture was Murphy's last leading role and the final film of Robert E. Kent Productions.

  4. 6-18-67

    6-18-67 (1967)


    6-18-67 is a short quasi-documentary film by George Lucas regarding the making of the 1969 Columbia film, Mackenna's Gold. This nonstory noncharacter visual tone poem is made up of nature imagery, time-lapse photography, and the subtle sounds of the Arizona desert. Shooting was completed on June 18, 1967.

  5. A Challenge for Robin Hood

    A Challenge for Robin Hood (1967)


    A Challenge for Robin Hood is a 1967 British adventure film directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards and starring Barrie Ingham, Peter Blythe and John Arnatt.

  6. A Countess from Hong Kong

    A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)


    A Countess from Hong Kong is a 1967 British comedy film and the last film directed, written, produced and scored by Charlie Chaplin. It was one of two films Chaplin directed in which he did not play a major role (the other was 1923's A Woman of Paris), and his only color film. Chaplin's cameo marked his final screen appearance. The movie starred Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Tippi Hedren, and Sydney Earle Chaplin, Chaplin's second son.

  7. A Covenant with Death

    A Covenant with Death (1967)


    A Covenant with Death is a 1967 film directed by Lamont Johnson. It stars George Maharis and Laura Devon.

  8. A Faithful Soldier of Pancho Villa

    A Faithful Soldier of Pancho Villa (1967)


    A Faithful Soldier of Pancho Villa (Spanish: Un dorado de Pancho Villa) is a 1967 Mexican drama film written, directed by and starring Emilio Fernández. It was entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.

  9. A Guide for the Married Man

    A Guide for the Married Man (1967)


    A Guide for the Married Man is a 1967 American bedroom farce comedy film starring Walter Matthau, Robert Morse, and Inger Stevens. It was directed by Gene Kelly. It features a large number of cameos, including Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Terry-Thomas, Jayne Mansfield, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Joey Bishop, Art Carney and Wally Cox. The title song, performed by The Turtles, was composed by John Williams with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse.

  10. A Long Ride from Hell

    A Long Ride from Hell (1968)


    A Long Ride from Hell, in the original Italian known as Vivo per la tua morte (literally "I Live For Your Death!"), is a 1967 film directed by Camillo Bazzoni. It was based on the novel Judas Gun by Gordon D. Shirreffs. The film was bodybuilder Steve Reeves' final film prior to his retirement. Reeves financed the film himself upon seeing the successful box office returns of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns at the time, but the film did poorly and Reeves retired from filmmaking that year. Reeves portrays cowboy Mike Sturges, who, along with his younger brother, Roy, are sentenced to Yuma Penitentiary on a trumped-up train robbery charge. Both endure cruel treatment before Mike escapes to exact revenge on their enemies.

  11. A Man Called Dagger

    A Man Called Dagger (1967)


    A Man Called Dagger (1967) is a low-budget spy film that was the first collaboration between director Richard Rush, cinematographer László Kovács and stuntman Gary Warner Kent (who also did the film's special effects).

  12. A Matter of Innocence

    A Matter of Innocence (1967)


    Pretty Polly, also known as A Matter of Innocence, is a 1967 British film, directed by Guy Green and based on the short story, Pretty Polly Barlow, by Noël Coward. It stars Hayley Mills, Shashi Kapoor, Trevor Howard, and Brenda De Banzie. The film is largely set in Singapore.

  13. A Place to Stand

    A Place to Stand (1967)


    A Place to Stand is a 1967 film produced and edited by the Canadian artist and filmmaker Christopher Chapman for the Ontario pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada. For the film, he pioneered the concept of moving panes, of moving images, within the single context of the screen. At times there are 15 separate images moving at once. This technique, which he dubbed "multi-dynamic image technique" has since been employed in many films, notably Norman Jewison's 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair. Mr. Jewison has credited Mr. Chapman as the creator of the edit style. The technique may also be seen on television today in the series 24.

  14. A Rose for Everyone

    A Rose for Everyone (1967)


    A Rose for Everyone (Italian: Una rosa per tutti) is a 1967 Italian film. It stars Claudia Cardinale.

  15. A Taste of Blood

    A Taste of Blood (1967)


    A Taste of Blood is a 1967 American horror film, produced and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. It stars, among others, Bill Rogers and Elizabeth Wilkinson. The movie was also known as The Secret of Dr. Alucard. Lewis considered this his masterpiece, which may account for the film's relatively long running time of two hours (most of Lewis's films run no longer than 80 minutes).

  16. A Tender Heart

    A Tender Heart (1967)


    Phantom Queen (다정불심 - Dajeong bulshim) aka Tender Heart is a 1967 South Korean film directed by Shin Sang-ok.

  17. A Time for Killing

    A Time for Killing (1967)


    A Time for Killing is a 1967 Western film started by Roger Corman but finished by Phil Karlson, and starring Glenn Ford, George Hamilton, Inger Stevens and a young Harrison Ford (credited as Harrison J. Ford) in his first film role. The film was Glenn Ford's one hundredth.

  18. Aamne - Saamne

    Aamne - Saamne (1967)


    Aamne Samne is a 1967 Hindi film produced and directed by Suraj Prakash. The film stars Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Prem Chopra, Rajindernath and Madan Puri. The films music is by Kalyanji Anandji.

  19. Accident

    Accident (1967)


    Accident is Harold Pinter's 1967 British dramatic film adaptation of the 1965 novel by Nicholas Mosley. Directed by Joseph Losey, it is the second of three collaborations between Pinter and Losey, the others being The Servant (1963) and The Go-Between (1970). At the 1967 Cannes Film Festival it won the award for Grand Prix Spécial du Jury. It also won the prestigious Grand Prix of the Belgian Film Critics Association.

  20. Advance and Be Mechanized

    Advance and Be Mechanized (1967)


    Advance and Be Mechanized, released in 1967, was the penultimate Tom and Jerry cartoon. It was directed by Ben Washam and produced by Chuck Jones, and is the third and last of the outer space themed shorts from the Chuck Jones era, the first two being O-Solar Meow, and Guided Mouse-ille both released earlier in 1967. It is the last Tom and Jerry cartoon with Dean Elliott as the music composer.

  21. Adventures of Mowgli

    Adventures of Mowgli (1973)


    Adventures of Mowgli (Russian: Маугли; also spelled Maugli) is an animated feature-length story originally released as five animated shorts of about 20 minutes each between 1967 and 1971 in the Soviet Union. They were directed by Roman Davydov. In 1973, the five films were combined into a single 96-minute feature film. The Russian DVD release of the restored footage, distributed by "Krupnyy Plan" and "Lizard", separates the animation into the original five parts.

  22. Africa: Texas Style

    Africa: Texas Style (1967)


    Africa Texas Style is a 1967 British adventure film directed by Andrew Marton and starring John Mills, Hugh O'Brian and Nigel Green. Two American cowboys are hired by a British rancher to oversee his estate in Kenya. Shot on location in Africa and Florida, this film led to the TV show Cowboy in Africa starring Chuck Connors. The opening scene of the film includes a cameo appearance by star Mills' equally famous actress-daughter Hayley Mills.

  23. All the Way to Paris

    All the Way to Paris (1967)


    All the Way to Paris is a 1965 South African comedy film directed by Jamie Uys and starring Uys, Bob Courtney and Reinet Maasdorf.

  24. Alle Jahre wieder

    Alle Jahre wieder (1967)


    Alle Jahre wieder is a 1967 West German drama film directed by Ulrich Schamoni. It was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize.

  25. Amor a la española

    Amor a la española (1967)


    Amor a la española (English: Love, Spanish Style) is a 1967 Spanish romantic comedy musical directed by Fernando Merino and script written by Alfonso Paso. It is based on the story by José Luis Dibildos.

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