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  1. 1001 Danish Delights

    1001 Danish Delights (1972)


    1001 Danish Delights (Danish: Takt og tone i himmelsengen) is a 1972 Danish comedy film directed by Sven Methling and starring Dirch Passer.

  2. 11 Harrowhouse

    11 Harrowhouse (1974)


    11 Harrowhouse is a 1974 British film directed by Aram Avakian. It was adapted by Charles Grodin based upon the novel by Gerald A. Browne with the screenplay by Jeffrey Bloom. It stars Charles Grodin, Candice Bergen, James Mason, Trevor Howard and John Gielgud.

  3. A Fan's Notes

    A Fan's Notes (1972)


    A Fan's Notes is a 1972 Canadian comedy film directed by Eric Till, based on the novel of the same name. It was entered into the 1972 Cannes Film Festival.

  4. A Guy and a Gal

    A Guy and a Gal (1975)


    A Guy and a Gal (Swedish: En kille och en tjej) is a 1975 Swedish film directed by Lasse Hallström.

  5. A Hole Lot of Trouble

    A Hole Lot of Trouble (1971)


    A Hole Lot of Trouble is a 1971 British short comedy film. Lasting only twenty seven minutes, it charts the efforts of a group of workmen trying to dig a hole. It was written and directed by Francis Searle and starred Arthur Lowe, Victor Maddern and Bill Maynard.

  6. A Man with a Maid

    A Man with a Maid (1975)


    What the Swedish Butler Saw is a 1975 Swedish-American erotic sex comedy film directed by Vernon P. Becker and starring Ollie Soltoft, Sue Longhurst and Charlie Elvegård. It is known by several alternative titles including A Man with a Maid, The Groove Room and Champagnegalopp. The film is loosely based on the 1908 erotic novel The Way of a Man with a Maid.

  7. A Perfect Couple

    A Perfect Couple (1979)


    A Perfect Couple is a 1979 film directed by Robert Altman.

  8. A Pocketful of Chestnuts

    A Pocketful of Chestnuts (1970)

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    A Pocketful of Chestnuts Italian: Le castagne sono buone) is a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Pietro Germi.

  9. A Policewoman on the Porno Squad

    A Policewoman on the Porno Squad (1979)


    La poliziotta della squadra del buon costume (internationally released as A Policewoman on the Porno Squad) is a 1979 commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. It is the sequel of Tarantini's La poliziotta fa carriera and it is followed by La poliziotta a New York.

  10. A Time for Love

    A Time for Love (1970)


    A Time for Love (Chinese: 那個不多情, Na ge bu duo qing) is a 1970 Hong Kong Shaw Brothers comedy film directed by Kuei Chih-Hung.

  11. A Touch of the Sun

    A Touch of the Sun (1979)


    A Touch of the Sun is a 1979 British-American comedy film directed by Peter Curran and starring Oliver Reed, Sylvaine Charlet, Peter Cushing and Wilfrid Hyde-White. It was also released as No Secrets!. An American space capsule has crashed into an African dictatorship, whose ruler refuses to return it unless he is paid a large ransom. In response the Americans send in a secret agent to recover it.

  12. A Trip Down the River

    A Trip Down the River (1975)


    Rejs, known in English as The Cruise (or The Trip Down the River), is a Polish comedy film released in 1970, directed by Marek Piwowski who also co-wrote the screenplay with Janusz Głowacki. The score was composed by Wojciech Kilar.

  13. Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar

    Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar (1973)


    Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar is a 1973 Bollywood comedy film directed by Rajendra Bhatia. Its stars Kiran Kumar and Radha Saluja.

  14. Adiós Amigo

    Adiós Amigo (1976)


    Adiós Amigo (1976) is an American comedy-Western starring Fred Williamson and Richard Pryor. The film was also written, produced and directed by Williamson.

  15. Adventures of a Plumber's Mate

    Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (1978)


    Adventures of a Plumber's Mate is a 1978 British sex comedy film starring Christopher Neil as Sid South. Following on from Adventures of a Taxi Driver and Adventures of a Private Eye, this was the final of the trilogy which attempted to occupy the same market position as the better-known and more successful "Confessions" series starring Robin Askwith.

  16. Adventures of a Private Eye

    Adventures of a Private Eye (1977)


    Adventures of a Private Eye is a 1977 British sex comedy film starring Christopher Neil, Suzy Kendall, Harry H. Corbett and Liz Fraser. It was the second in the trilogy of 'Adventures' films after the 1976 film Adventures of a Taxi Driver. It was followed the next year by Adventures of a Plumber's Mate, the final film in the trilogy.

  17. Adventures of a Taxi Driver

    Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1976)


    Adventures of a Taxi Driver is a 1976 British sex comedy film starring Barry Evans, Judy Geeson and Adrienne Posta. There were two sequels, Adventures of a Private Eye and Adventures of a Plumber's Mate.

  18. Afonya

    Afonya (1975)


    Afonya (Russian: Афоня) is a Soviet film produced by Mosfilm and first released in 1975. The film became the Soviet box office leader of 1975 with a total of 62.2 million ticket sales. The film was shot on location in Yaroslavl.

  19. Alex in Wonderland

    Alex in Wonderland (1970)


    Alex in Wonderland is a 1970 American comedy-drama film directed by Paul Mazursky, written with his partner Larry Tucker, starring Donald Sutherland and Ellen Burstyn. Sutherland plays Alex Morrison, a director agonizing over the choice of follow-up project after the success of his first feature film. The situation is similar to the one Mazursky found himself in following the success of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) and he casts himself in a role as a new-style Hollywood producer. His daughter Meg Mazursky appears as Amy, one of Morrison's daughters. Noted teacher of improvisational theater Viola Spolin plays Morrison's mother. The film also features cameo appearances by Federico Fellini and Jeanne Moreau, and seems to be inspired by their work. In particular, Fellini's (1963), about a film director who's artistically stuck, is referenced. Moreau sings two songs on the soundtrack, "Le Vrai Scandale" (for which she wrote the words) and "Le Reve Est La."

  20. Alfredo, Alfredo

    Alfredo, Alfredo (1972)


    Alfredo, Alfredo is a 1972 Italian language award winning comedy film directed by Pietro Germi.

  21. All I Want Is You... and You... and You...

    All I Want Is You... and You... and You... (1974)

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    All I Want Is You... and You... and You... is a 1972 British comedy film directed by Bob Kellett and starring Freddie Earlle, David Griffin and Carol Cleveland. An American business tycoon tries to choose a new vice president for his firm in a weekend gathering that soon descends into farce.

  22. All Screwed Up

    All Screwed Up (1974)


    All Screwed Up (Italian: Tutto a posto e niente in ordine, also known as Everything Ready, Nothing Works) is a 1974 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Lina Wertmüller.

  23. All the Way Boys

    All the Way Boys (1972)


    All The Way, Boys (Italian: Più forte, ragazzi!) is a 1973 Italian film starring the popular comedy team of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

  24. All the Way Up

    All the Way Up (1970)


    All the Way Up is a 1970 British comedy film directed by James MacTaggart based on Semi-Detached, a 1962 play by Midlands dramatist David Turner. It stars Richard Briers, Warren Mitchell, Pat Heywood, Kenneth Cranham, Adrienne Posta and Elaine Taylor.

  25. Allá en el Norte

    Allá en el Norte (1973)


    Allá en el Norte (English language: Somewhere in the North) is a 1973 Argentine musical comedy film directed by Julio Saraceni and written by Abel Santacruz. The film starred Lolita Torres, Carlos Estrada and Jorge Barreiro.

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1970s comedy film stubs
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