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  1. A Ghost of a Chance

    A Ghost of a Chance (2011)


    A Ghost of a Chance (ステキな金縛り Suteki na Kanashibari) (also known as "Once In a Blue Moon" in Japan) is a 2011 Japanese comedy film directed by Kōki Mitani.

  2. A Taxing Woman

    A Taxing Woman (1987)


    A Taxing Woman (マルサの女 Marusa no onna) is a 1987 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Juzo Itami. It won numerous awards, including six major Japanese Academy awards.

  3. A Woman's Work

    A Woman's Work (2002)


    Travail (とらばいゆ Torabaiyu) is a 2002 Japanese romance comedy drama film directed by Kentarō Ōtani and starring Asaka Seto, Shinya Tsukamoto and Mikako Ichikawa. It was released on 23 March 2002.

  4. Ace Attorney

    Ace Attorney (2012)


    Ace Attorney (逆転裁判 Gyakuten Saiban, lit. "Turnabout Trial") is a 2012 Japanese comedy courtroom drama film, directed by Takashi Miike and based on the Capcom video game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The film stars Hiroki Narimiya, Mirei Kiritani, and Takumi Saito. It made its premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on 1 February 2012 and was released in Japanese cinemas on 11 February 2012. The US premiere was made at the Hawaii International Film Festival in April 2012. Miike has stated there are plans for an international release with both dubbing and subtitles available for each specific region.

  5. Alien vs. Ninja

    Alien vs. Ninja (2010)


    Alien vs. Ninja (エイリアンVSニンジャ), also known as AvN, is a 2010 Japanese martial arts science-fiction comedy film written and directed by Seiji Chiba.

  6. Am I Trying

    Am I Trying (1969)


    It's Tough Being a Man (男はつらいよ Otoko wa tsurai yo) aka Am I Trying and Tora-san,Our Lovable Tramp is a 1969 Japanese comedy film directed by Yoji Yamada and starring Kiyoshi Atsumi. It is the first entry in the popular, long-running Otoko wa Tsurai yo series.

  7. Avec mon mari

    Avec mon mari (1999)

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    Avec mon mari (アベック モン マリ Abekku mon mari) is a 1999 Japanese romance comedy film directed by Kentarō Ōtani and starring Yuka Itaya, Hirofumi Kobayashi and Kaori Tsuji. It was released on 6 March 1999.

  8. Battlefield Baseball

    Battlefield Baseball (2003)


    Battlefield Baseball (地獄甲子園 Jigoku Kōshien, "Hell Stadium") is a 2003 Japanese film directed by Yūdai Yamaguchi. The film is written by Gatarō Man, based on his manga series of the same name, and stars Tak Sakaguchi, Atsushi Itō, and Hideo Sakaki. It was produced by Ryuhei Kitamura.

  9. Big Man Japan

    Big Man Japan (2007)


    Big Man Japan (大日本人 Dai Nipponjin) is a 2007 Japanese film written and directed by and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto. It was well received by critics in the U.S., after many months of showings at various festivals and film events.

  10. Boys Over Flowers: Final

    Boys Over Flowers: Final (2008)


    Hana Yori Dango Final is a 2008 Japanese film, directed by Yasuharu Ishii, and starring Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto. The film is the last chapter of the Hana Yori Dango trilogy in Japan, based on Japanese shōjo manga series, Hana Yori Dango (花より男子), written by Yoko Kamio.

  11. Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust

    Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust (2007)


    Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust (バブルへGO!!~タイムマシンはドラム式~ Baburu e go!! Taimu mashin wa doramu-shiki) is a 2007 Japanese science fiction comedy film directed by Yasuo Baba available with English sub-titles. The plot centers on traveling in time from 2007 to 1990 and in the process compares some everyday things between 1990 and 2007 (e.g. cell phones) in a humorous way.

  12. Cat Soup

    Cat Soup (2001)


    Cat Soup (ねこぢる草 Nekojiru-sō, lit. Nekojiru Grass) is an experimental 2001 Japanese anime film directed by Tatsuo Satō, inspired by the work of manga artist Nekojiru. The surreal follows Nyatta, an anthropomorphic kitten, on his travel to the land of the dead and back in an effort to save his sister's soul. Cat Soup was released direct-to-DVD in Japan on 21 February 2001. Central Park Media licensed the film in North America under its Software Sculptors label and was released on DVD on September 9, 2003.

  13. Chromartie High - The Movie

    Chromartie High - The Movie (2005)


    Cromartie High - The Movie (魁!! クロマティ高校 THE★MOVIE Sakigake!! Kuromati Kōkō The Movie) is a 2005 Japanese live-action film directed by Yūdai Yamaguchi (who had previously made Battlefield Baseball) and starring Takamasa Suga. The film is based on the manga Cromartie High School by Eiji Nonaka which had also been previously adapted as an anime series.

  14. Dead Leaves

    Dead Leaves (2004)


    Dead Leaves (デッド リーブス Deddo Rībusu) is a 2004 Japanese anime science fiction film produced by animation studio Production I.G. It was distributed in Japan by Shochiku, in North America, Canada and the U.K. by Manga Entertainment, and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. It is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. It is notable for its fast pace and energetic visual style.

  15. Dead Sushi

    Dead Sushi (2012)


    Dead Sushi (デッド寿司 Deddo sushi) is a 2012 Japanese comedy horror film directed by Noboru Iguchi. The film involves Keiko (Rina Takeda) who is the daughter of a famous sushi chef. She leaves home for an inn where she is bullied by the president of Komatsu Pharmaceuticals. A Komatsu researcher arrives intent on revenge by creating a serum that turns fish on rice into killer sushi. Keiko teams up with the former sushi chef Sawada to fight off the creatures.

  16. Detroit Metal City

    Detroit Metal City


    Detroit Metal City (Japanese: デトロイト・メタル・シティ Hepburn: Detoroito Metaru Shiti) is a vulgar comedy manga series by Kiminori Wakasugi, serialized in Young Animal from 2005 to 2010. An anime OVA series, twelve episodes of approximately 13 minutes each, was released starting on August 8, 2008. A live film adaptation directed by Toshio Lee appeared in Japanese theaters on August 23, 2008. The series takes its name from the KISS single "Detroit Rock City".

  17. Drucker in the Dugout

    Drucker in the Dugout (2011)


    Moshi Kōkō Yakyū no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no "Management" o Yondara (もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの『マネジメント』を読んだら What if the Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker's "Management"?) (or Moshidora for short) is a 2011 Japanese live-action film directed by Makoto Tanaka which was released in Japanese cinemas on 4 June 2011. It is based on the bestselling book of the same name and followed a preceding anime series also of the same name.

  18. Fantastipo

    Fantastipo (2005)


    Fantastipo is a 2005 Japanese film starring Tsuyoshi Domoto (Kinki Kids) and Taichi Kokubun (TOKIO). The theme song "Fantastipo" is sung by the special unit of the 2 lead actors Toraji Haiji.

  19. Glasses

    Glasses (2007)


    Megane (めがね, "Glasses") is a 2007 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Naoko Ogigami. The film is set on an unnamed Japanese island and tells the story of a vacationing university professor who comes in contact with several eccentric local inhabitants. The movie is a follow-up to Ogigami's 2006 film Kamome Shokudo, and features two of the same actors. It was featured at several film festivals including the Sundance Film Festival. During production, Ogigami decided the title of the movie after an impromptu realization that all of the characters in the film wore glasses.

  20. Hakkyousuru kuchibiru

    Hakkyousuru kuchibiru (2000)


    Crazy Lips (発狂する唇 Hakkyōsuru kuchibiru) is a Japanese comedy horror film directed by Hirohisa Sasaki from 2000. It follows a young woman who, after her brother is accused of decapitating four schoolgirls, goes to a psychic in an effort to prove his innocence, only to find things spiraling out of control.

  21. Hara ga kore nande

    Hara ga kore nande (2011)


    Mitsuko Delivers (ハラがコレなんで Hara ga Kore Nande) is a 2011 Japanese comedy film directed by Yuya Ishii.

  22. Hearts and Flowers for Tora-san

    Hearts and Flowers for Tora-san (1982)


    Hearts and Flowers for Tora-san (男はつらいよ 寅次郎あじさいの恋 Otoko wa Tsurai yo: Torajirō Ajisai no Koi) is a 1982 Japanese comedy film directed by Yoji Yamada. It stars Kiyoshi Atsumi as Torajirō Kuruma (Tora-san), and Ayumi Ishida as his love interest or "Madonna". Hearts and Flowers for Tora-san is the twenty-ninth entry in the popular, long-running Otoko wa Tsurai yo series.

  23. Hospitalité

    Hospitalité (2010)


    Hospitalité (歓待 Kantai) is a 2010 Japanese comedy film directed by Koji Fukada.

  24. Hula Girls

    Hula Girls (2006)


    Hula Girls (フラガール Hura Gāru) is a Japanese film, directed by Sang-il Lee and co-written by Lee and Daisuke Habara, and first released across Japanese theaters on September 23, 2006. Starring Yū Aoi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Etsushi Toyokawa, Shizuyo Yamazaki, Ittoku Kishibe, Eri Tokunaga, Yoko Ikezu and Sumiko Fuji, it is based on the real-life event of how a group of enthusiastic girls take on hula dancing to save their small mining village, Iwaki, helping the formation of Joban Hawaiian Center (now known as Spa Resort Hawaiians), which was later to become one of Japan's most popular theme parks. It received its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

  25. Kamome Diner

    Kamome Diner (2006)


    Kamome Shokudō (かもめ食堂 Kamome shokudō) is a 2006 comedy film written and directed by Japanese director Naoko Ogigami, based on a novel by Yōko Mure. The film is set in the Finnish capital Helsinki, and follows a Japanese woman who sets up a diner serving Japanese food in the city, and the friends she makes in the process.

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