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Here are the films / movies of 2000. The good, the bad, the long, the short, the box office hits and the surprise packages! It's all about the films and movies we went to see and it's all about what was around in 2000.
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  1. 100 Girls

    100 Girls (2000)


    100 Girls is a 2000 comedy film written and directed by Michael Davis. It tells the story of a college student's (Jonathan Tucker) efforts to find a mystery girl with whom he had sex in an elevator during a black out.

  2. 101 Rent Boys

    101 Rent Boys (2000)


    101 Rent Boys is a 2000 documentary film that explores the West Hollywood hustler scene. The producers recruited 101 hustlers from on and around Santa Monica Boulevard and paid each of them $50 for their time. The boys, who were from diverse ethnic, racial, regional and economic backgrounds, were interviewed in motel rooms on such topics as how they entered into prostitution, their sexual orientation, drugs and their first johns. The film focuses on a few of the boys more extensively while much smaller clips of other subjects are used. Each rent boy was assigned a number but not each one is so identified in the film. While some of the subjects are interviewed in various states of undress and the talk sometimes becomes sexually explicit, the film itself contains no sexual activity.

  3. 101 Reykjavík

    101 Reykjavík (2000)


    101 Reykjavík ( pronunciation ) is a 1996 novel by Hallgrímur Helgason which found international fame in 2000 when made into a film. Both are set in Reykjavík, Iceland. The film was directed by Baltasar Kormákur and stars Victoria Abril and Hilmir Snær Guðnason. The title is taken from the postal code for down-town Reykjavík, "the old city". The film won nine B-class film awards and received ten nominations most notably winning the Discovery Film Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

  4. 102 Dalmatians

    102 Dalmatians (2000)


    102 Dalmatians is a 2000 family comedy film directed by Kevin Lima in his directorial debut and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the sequel to the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians and stars Glenn Close reprising her role as Cruella de Vil as she attempts to steal puppies for her "grandest" fur coat yet. Glenn Close and Tim McInnerny were the only actors from the first film to return for the sequel. The film was released on VHS and DVD on April 3, 2001, and re-released on DVD on September 16, 2008.

  5. 2000 AD

    2000 AD (2000)


    2000 AD (Chinese: 公元2000, released in the Hong Kong as Gong Yuan 2000 AD) is a 2000 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Gordon Chan, and starring Aaron Kwok, Phyllis Quek, James Lye and Daniel Wu. The film was shot on location in both Hong Kong and Singapore. It was timed to screen during the peak Chinese New Year period.

  6. 2001: A Space Travesty

    2001: A Space Travesty (2000)


    2001: A Space Travesty is a 2000 American spoof comedy film starring actor Leslie Nielsen. The film has a few sequences parodying elements of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but is not focused on parodying Odyssey.

  7. 24 Hours in London

    24 Hours in London (2000)


    24 Hours in London is a 2000 British crime thriller film from writer-director Alexander Finbow. The film takes place in London in the year 2009.

  8. 27 Missing Kisses

    27 Missing Kisses (2000)


    27 Missing Kisses (Georgian: 27 დაკარგული კოცნა, 27 dakarguli kotsna) is a 2000 Georgian film directed by Nana Djordjadze. It was Georgia's submission to the 73rd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.

  9. 28 Days

    28 Days (2000)


    28 Days is a 2000 American comedy-drama film directed by Betty Thomas. Sandra Bullock plays Gwen Cummings, a newspaper columnist obliged to enter rehabilitation for alcoholism. The film costars Viggo Mortensen, Dominic West, Elizabeth Perkins, Steve Buscemi and Diane Ladd.

  10. 3 Strikes

    3 Strikes (2000)


    3 Strikes is a 2000 American screwball comedy film, written and directed by DJ Pooh. The film stars Brian Hooks as Rob Douglas, a man just released from a one-year sentence in jail, who already has two strikes to his name. Since he is living under California's Three strikes law, Rob decides to go straight and leave the street life alone. However, things go horribly wrong for him as he gets involved in an altercation with the police upon the day of his release. The plot centers on Rob trying to evade the police until he can prove his innocence, for fear that he will be put away for good with a third strike. David Alan Grier, Faizon Love, and N'Bushe Wright co-star.

  11. 30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle

    30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle (2000)


    30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle 2000 is a documentary film shot during the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 protest activity and contains interviews with many of the protest leaders. It was directed by journalist Rustin Thompson and released in 2000.

  12. 405

    405 (2000)


    405 is the name of a 3-minute film released in June 2000 and produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt. It was the first short film to become widely distributed on the Internet and became a media sensation for a short time. It is generally thought of as one of, if not the first viral film property.

  13. 7Up 2000

    7Up 2000 (2000)


    Up New Generation is a new version of the Up Series, following the lives of a group of individuals who were seven years old at the turn of the millennium.

  14. 80 Degrees East of Birdland

    80 Degrees East of Birdland (2000)


    80 Degrees East of Birdland (Norwegian: 80 grader aust for Birdland) is a 2000 Norwegian short film directed by Sølvi A. Lindseth. It follows an American Jazz ensemble as they get stranded on a farm in rural Norway. The old man who lives there believes they have come to take him away to a retirement home.

  15. A Better Way to Die

    A Better Way to Die (2000)


    A Better Way to Die is a 2000 action and thriller film. It was directed and produced by Scott Wiper.

  16. A Constant Forge

    A Constant Forge (2000)


    A Constant Forge is a 2000 documentary film directed by Charles Kiselyak about the life and work of John Cassavetes.

  17. A Conversation with Gregory Peck

    A Conversation with Gregory Peck (1999)


    A Conversation With Gregory Peck is a 1999 film directed by documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple. Kopple followed the actor as he embarked on a live speaking tour throughout the United States reflecting on his life and career. The film also looks at Peck's home life with his family, as well as his public appearances where he meets such notable individuals as then President of the United States Bill Clinton, then French President Jacques Chirac, and filmmaker Martin Scorsese. A Conversation With Gregory Peck was part of the PBS documentary series American Masters, and was screened out of competition at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. It is featured on a 2005 2-disc collector's edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

  18. A Crack in the Floor

    A Crack in the Floor (2000)


    A Crack in the Floor (2000) is a horror movie directed by Sean Stanek and Corby Timbrook.

  19. A Dog's Will

    A Dog's Will (2000)


    A Dog's Will (Portuguese: O Auto da Compadecida, which literally means "The Act of the Compassionate") is a 2000 Brazilian comedy film, directed by Guel Arraes, with a screenplay by Arraes, Adriana Falcão and João Falcão. It is based on the 1955 play of almost the same name by Ariano Suassuna, with elements of other Suassuna's play, The Ghost and the Sow, and Torture of a Heart.

  20. A Fish Tale

    A Fish Tale (2000)


    Help! I'm a Fish (Danish: Hjælp, jeg er en fisk; a.k.a. A Fish Tale) is a 2000 Danish-Norwegian-German-Irish animated comedy-drama film directed by Stefan Fjeldmark and Michael Hegner, It was released on October 6, 2000 in Denmark and released on August 10, 2001 in United Kingdom.

  21. A Fu

    A Fu (2000)


    A Fighter's Blues (阿虎) is a 2000 Hong Kong drama film directed by Daniel Lee and starring Andy Lau. On another note, A Fighter's Blues is also Lau's 100th film role.

  22. A Good Baby

    A Good Baby (2000)


    A Good Baby is a 2000 drama film directed by Katherine Dieckmann. The film was produced by Lianne Halfon, Tom Carouso, Aileen Argentini and Derrick Tseng. The script was written by Dieckmann and Leon Rooke. The film stars Henry Thomas played Raymond Toker, a young loner. The other casts were David Strathairn, Cara Seymour, Danny Nelson, Jayne Morgan, Allison Glenn, Jerry Foster, Jerry Rushing, Emilie Jacobs and Hannah Grady.

  23. A.Li.Ce

    A.Li.Ce (1999)


    A.LI.CE is a 2000 Japanese CG science fiction anime film directed by Kenichi Maejima.

  24. A Lingering Face

    A Lingering Face (2000)


    A Lingering Face (Chinese: 非常夏日; pinyin: Fēicháng xiàrì; literally: "A curious summer day") is a 2000 Chinese film directed by Lu Xuechang. The film is Lu's second after 1997's The Making of Steel. Compared to that earlier film, which was plagued with censorship problems, A Lingering Face's production and release was relatively free of problems or obstacles.

  25. A Matter of Taste

    A Matter of Taste (2000)


    A Question of Taste (French: ''Une affaire de goût'', also known as A Matter of Taste in the United States) is a 2000 French film directed by Bernard Rapp. Rapp and Gilles Taurand wrote the screenplay which was based on the book "Affaires de goût" by Philippe Balland. The film received 5 César Award nominations, including the nomination for Best Film.

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