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  1. American Idol

    American Idol (2002)


    American Idol (also known as American Idol: The Search for a Superstar) is a reality television singing competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment, which began airing on Fox on June 11, 2002. Part of the Idol franchise, it is a spin-off from the UK show Pop Idol. The concept of the series is to find new solo recording artists, and has since become one of the most popular in the history of American television. As of June 2011, it is the most watched TV series in the Nielsen ratings and is the only program to have been number one for seven consecutive seasons, surpassing All in the Family and The Cosby Show, which were both number one for five consecutive seasons.

  2. The Lawrence Welk Show

    The Lawrence Welk Show (1955)


    The Lawrence Welk Show is an American televised musical variety show hosted by big band leader Lawrence Welk. The series aired locally in Los Angeles for four years, from 1951 to 1955, then nationally for another 27½ years via the ABC network, from 1955 to 1971, and first-run syndication from 1971 to 1982. In the years since first-run syndication ended, The Lawrence Welk Show has continued to reach new audiences through repeat episodes, broadcast in the United States by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations. These airings incorporate an original program—usually, a color broadcast from 1965 through 1982—in its entirety. In place of the commercials, newer performance and interview clips from the original stars and/or a family member of the performers (in the latter instance, speaking for a well-known Lawrence Welk performer who has since died) are included; these clips are occasionally updated.

  3. The X Factor

    The X Factor (2011)


    The X Factor is an American reality television music competition created by Simon Cowell and produced by FremantleMedia North America and SYCOtv, a partnership between Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment, on Fox. Based on the original UK show, and an addition to the The X Factor franchise, the series finds new singing talent (solo artists and groups ages 12 and over), drawn from public auditions, and they compete against each other for votes. The winner is determined by the show's viewers via telephone, the Internet, and SMS text voting, and is awarded a recording contract with Cowell's record label Syco Music, worth $5 million in seasons one and two, and $1 million in season three. America has voted for the following winners: Melanie Amaro, Tate Stevens, and Alex & Sierra, respectively.

  4. Soul Train

    Soul Train (1971)


    Soul Train is an American musical variety television program, which aired in syndication from 1971 until 2006. In its 35-year history, the show primarily featured performances by R&B, soul, and hip hop artists, although funk, jazz, disco, and gospel artists have also appeared. The series was created by Don Cornelius, who also served as its first host and executive producer.

  5. The Voice

    The Voice (2011)


    The Voice is an American reality talent show that premiered on April 26, 2011 on the NBC television network. Based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, the series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. It is part of an international series. The Voice immediately proved to be a hit for NBC and in mid-May 2011, it was confirmed that the network had renewed the show for a second season.

  6. Club MTV

    Club MTV (1985)


    Club MTV is a half hour television show molded after American Bandstand that aired on MTV between the years 1985 and 1992. Club MTV was part of MTV's second generation of programming when they were phasing out the original 5 VJs and introducing new ones.

  7. The Glee Project

    The Glee Project (2011)


    The Glee Project is an American reality television series from Oxygen. It serves as an audition for the FOX TV series Glee. Although originally planned to begin broadcasting in late May 2011, The Glee Project premiered on June 12, 2011. In Canada, the series began airing on Slice on June 26, 2011 with a two hour extended premiere where the first hour showed the audition process and selection of the Top 12. In the UK, the series began airing on Sky One on July 14, 2011 with a two hour extended premiere where the first hour showed the audition process and selection of the Top 12.

  8. Shindig!

    Shindig! (1964)


    Shindig! is an American musical variety series which aired on ABC from September 16, 1964 to January 8, 1966. The show was hosted by Jimmy O'Neill, a disc jockey in Los Angeles at the time who also created the show along with his wife Sharon Sheeley and production executive Art Stolnitz. The original pilot was rejected by ABC and David Sontag, then Executive Producer of ABC, redeveloped and completely redesigned the show. A new pilot with a new cast of artists was shot starring Sam Cooke. That pilot aired as the premiere episode.

  9. Say What? Karaoke

    Say What? Karaoke (1999)


    Say What may refer to:

  10. Rock Star: INXS

    Rock Star: INXS (2005)


    Rock Star is a television series produced by Mark Burnett, David Goffin and Lisa Hennessy in which aspiring singers from all around the world competed to become the lead singer of a featured group. It debuted on CBS on July 11, 2005, to mediocre ratings. The show was hosted by television personality and commercial spokeswoman Brooke Burke and Jane's Addiction & Red Hot Chili Peppers lead guitarist Dave Navarro. In season one Australian band INXS chose J.D. Fortune as their new lead singer. For season two, the band Rock Star Supernova chose Lukas Rossi as the lead singer of their new supergroup.

  11. R U the Girl

    R U the Girl (2005)


    R U the Girl is an American reality series that aired on UPN in 2005. The series featured the remaining members of the all-girl R&B group TLC whose former member, Lisa Lopes, died in a car crash in Honduras in April 2002. Initially promoted as a contest to permanently replace Lopes 3 years after her death by TLC themselves, both Watkins and Thomas admitted that the winner of the contest would not be joining TLC full-time and would not be a full-time replacement member; the winner would only provide guest vocals on a new single by the duo.

  12. Hullabaloo

    Hullabaloo (1965)


    Hullabaloo is an American musical variety series that ran on NBC from January 12, 1965 through August 29, 1966. Similar to Shindig! it ran in prime time in contrast to ABC's American Bandstand.

  13. CMT Hot 20 Countdown

    CMT Hot 20 Countdown (2001)


    Top 20 Countdown is a show on CMT. The show counts down the biggest videos in country music and was originally hosted by Lance Smith. Top Twenty Countdown airs every Friday at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern) and reruns on Saturday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Besides showing the biggest videos, Lance also shows the world premiere of music videos. The show celebrated its 300th episode with the top 20 videos of 2006, based on the weekly countdown. They also recapped the top 20 videos from 2001-2005. The show has had celebrity guests such as Blake Shelton and Brooks & Dunn. The show originally aired each Friday at 10 p.m., Saturday at 11 a.m., Sunday at 10 p.m. and Monday at 6 p.m. The first episode was the top 20 videos of 2001 (which aired the last week of 2001). It was announced in November 2009 that Lance Smith would be leaving the show in December 2009. Evan Farmer took over as the show's new host on January 22, 2010. He left the show in November 2012. The show ended at the end of 2012, December 28, 2012 being its last episode. An all new countdown started up again on January 5, 2013. The new show is titled "CMT Hot 20 Countdown".

  14. The Dick Clark Show

    The Dick Clark Show (1958)


    The Dick Clark Show (also known as Dick Clark's Saturday Night Beechnut Show) is an American musical variety show broadcast weekly in the United States on the ABC television network 7:30-8 PM (Eastern Time) on Saturdays from February 15, 1958 through September 10, 1960, sponsored (except for the first two shows) by Beechnut Gum.

  15. Where the Action Is

    Where the Action Is (1965)


    Where the Action Is or (WTAI) was a music-based television variety show in the United States from 1965–67. It was carried by the ABC network and aired each weekday afternoon. Created by Dick Clark as a spin-off of American Bandstand, Where the Action Is premiered on June 27, 1965.

  16. The Guys Next Door

    The Guys Next Door (1990)


    Guys Next Door is an American television series aired on NBC in the 1990-1991 season as part of its Saturday lineup.

  17. Headbangers Ball

    Headbangers Ball (1990)


    Headbangers Ball is a television program consisting of heavy metal music videos airing on MTV2, MTV Australia, MTV Two (formerly known as MTV2 Europe, however still covering the whole of Europe), MTV Adria (the MTV subsidiary covering the former Yugoslavia), MTV Brand New, MTV Portugal, MTV Finland, MTV Arabia, MTV Norway, MTV Sweden, MTV Denmark, MTV Greece, MTV Türkiye, MTV Hungary and MTV Japan. The show began on MTV on Saturday, April 18, 1987, playing heavy metal and hard rock music videos late at night, from both well-known and more obscure artists. The show offered (and became famous because of) a stark contrast to Top 40 music videos shown during the day.

  18. Puttin' on the Hits

    Puttin' on the Hits (1984)


    Puttin' on the Hits was an American syndicated music/variety competition show hosted by Allen Fawcett [1]. The show featured amateur acts lip-synching to popular songs. The show aired on weekends from 1984 through 1988.

  19. Celebrity Duets

    Celebrity Duets (2006)


    Celebrity Duets was an American reality television show of the progressive game-show type, which combined celebrities of different backgrounds with professional singers in a weekly elimination competition.

  20. Showtime at the Apollo

    Showtime at the Apollo (1987)


    Showtime at the Apollo (formerly It's Showtime at the Apollo) is a syndicated music television show, first broadcast on September 12, 1987 to May 24, 2008 with 1093 episodes, and is produced by the Apollo Theater. The show features live performances from both professional and up-and-coming artists, and also features the Amateur Night competition made popular at the famous Apollo Theater in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, where the show is recorded. In many cities such as New York (where it aired on WNBC), it often aired after Saturday Night Live on early Sunday mornings, and was often paired with the similarly-syndicated Soul Train.

  21. The Johnny Cash Show

    The Johnny Cash Show (1969)


    The Johnny Cash Show was an American television music variety show hosted by Johnny Cash. The Screen Gems 58-episode series ran from June 7, 1969 to March 31, 1971 on ABC; it was taped at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. The show reached No. 17 in the Nielsen ratings in 1970.

  22. The Bell Telephone Hour

    The Bell Telephone Hour (1959)


    The Bell Telephone Hour (also known as The Telephone Hour) is a long-run concert series which began April 29, 1940 on NBC Radio and was heard on NBC until June 30, 1958. Sponsored by Bell Telephone as the name implies, it showcased the best in classical and Broadway music, reaching eight to nine million listeners each week. It continued on television from 1959 to 1968. Throughout the program's run on both radio and television, the studio orchestra on the program was conducted by Donald Voorhees.

  23. The Midnight Special

    The Midnight Special (1972)


    The Midnight Special is an American late-night musical variety series that aired on NBC during the 1970s and early 1980s, created and produced by Burt Sugarman. It premiered as a special on August 19, 1972, then began its run as a regular series on February 2, 1973; its last episode was on May 1, 1981. The ninety-minute program followed the Friday night edition of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

  24. Stand Up and Cheer

    Stand Up and Cheer (1971)


    Stand Up and Cheer (also known as Johnny Mann's Stand Up and Cheer) is an American variety show that aired in syndication for three consecutive seasons (sponsored nationally by Chevrolet), beginning in 1971, hosted by Johnny Mann, with many musical numbers sung by "The Johnny Mann Singers".

  25. Unplugged

    Unplugged (1989)


    MTV Unplugged is a TV series showcasing many popular musical artists usually playing acoustic instruments. The show has received the George Foster Peabody Award and 3 Primetime Emmy nominations among many accolades.

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