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    EMI Records compilation albums

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  1. 1. Allgemeine Verunsicherung

    1. Allgemeine Verunsicherung (1978)


    1. Allgemeine Verunsicherung is the first album from the Austrian band Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung. It is actually self titled as in written German, cardinal numbers with a full stop after them are converted to being ordinal numbers, therefore 1. in German actually relates to first as opposed to the number 1.

  2. 111 Centoundici

    111 Centoundici (1905)


    111 Centoundici is Tiziano Ferro's second album, released in 2003. The album was a tremendous success, the album sold over 250,000 succeeding the previous album Rosso Relativo. The Spanish version 111 Ciento once was also release in the same year, and the album sold over one million copies around the world, which mark Tiziano Ferro as a well-recognized Italian Pop and R&B artist. The album sold well due to the single "Xverso/Perverso" but it was not until the single "Sere nere/Tardes negras" that the album increased in sales much faster, thanks to the song that went #1 in countries like Spain and Mexico.

  3. 12

    12 (2007)

    1 view

    12 is the twelfth full-length album by German singer Herbert Grönemeyer, released in March 2007. It was recorded between 2006 and 2007 in London and was produced by Alex Silva and Herbert Grönemeyer. All songs were written by Grönemeyer, except the song "Spur" to which Arezu Weitholz contributed parts of the lyrics.

  4. 13000krát



    13000krát is the Misha's third studio album, released in 2007.

  5. 15 Again

    15 Again


    15 Again is the third album released by French electronic duo Cassius. It was released in Europe on 11 September 2006 by EMI. The album was written and produced by Cassius members Phillippe Zdar and Boom Bass and includes a collaboration with hip-hop producer and performer Pharrell Williams. Other collaborators include Sébastien Tellier, -M-, Etienne de Crécy, and Le Knight Club (otherwise known as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Eric Chedeville). The album was recorded in three weeks in Ibiza.

  6. 180 Degree

    180 Degree


    180 Degree is a 2004 album by MC Mong. This album is MC Mong's first solo album. This album features female vocalist Lyn.

  7. 1969



    1969 is a studio collaboration album by Pink Martini and Saori Yuki, released in 2011 through Heinz Records.

  8. 2,000,000 Voices

    2,000,000 Voices (2009)


    2,000,000 Voices is Angelic Upstarts's third album, released in 1981.

  9. 54 dole hlavou

    54 dole hlavou (2009)


    54 Dole Hlavou is the ninth album by the Slovak punk rock/comedy rock band Horkýže Slíže, released in October 21, 2009.

  10. 7 Day Cycle

    7 Day Cycle (2005)


    7 Day Cycle is the debut album by American rapper Ebony Eyez, released jointly on October 4, 2005 by Capitol Records and EMI.

  11. 9 Luas

    9 Luas (1905)


    9 Luas (Portuguese for 9 Moons) is the eighth studio album by Brazilian rock band Os Paralamas do Sucesso, released in 1996. With this album, the Paralamas definitely abandon their previous new wave/ska/reggae rock style and adopt a more pop rock sonority, however without abandoning the Latino influences.

  12. A Bit Of What You Fancy

    A Bit Of What You Fancy (2010)


    A Bit of What You Fancy is rock band The Quireboys's debut studio album, released in 1990. The album was released on EMI and went into the UK Albums Chart at #2.

  13. A Book Like This

    A Book Like This (2007)


    A Book Like This is the first full-length album by Australian singer-songwriter duo Angus & Julia Stone. It was released in September 2007 in Australia and entered the Australian charts at #6 Australian Recording Industry Association and in the UK through Flock Music/PIAS on 31 March 2008. “Angus and Julia Stone fill my heart to bursting point with joy… close your eyes and you’re there in some Byron Bay beach hut, watching the sun go down” wrote The Guardian in the UK.

  14. A Matter of Life and Death

    A Matter of Life and Death (2009)


    A Matter of Life and Death is the fourteenth studio album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 25 August 2006 in Italy and Finland, and 28 August worldwide, excluding the US, Canada and Japan on 5 September. It is the first album in Iron Maiden's career to enter the US Billboard charts in the top 10, achieving significant chart success in many other countries as well.

  15. A Matter of Attitude

    A Matter of Attitude


    A Matter of Attitude is the second album by Danish heavy metal band Fate, released in 1986.

  16. A Momentary Lapse of Reason

    A Momentary Lapse of Reason (2007)


    A Momentary Lapse of Reason is the thirteenth studio album by the English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. It was released in the UK and US in September 1987. Its creation followed guitarist David Gilmour's decision to include new material, recorded for his third solo album, on a new Pink Floyd album. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright were also brought on board for the project. Although for legal reasons Wright could not be re-admitted to the band, with Mason the two helped Gilmour craft what became the first Pink Floyd album since the departure of bass guitarist, singer, and primary songwriter Roger Waters in December 1985.

  17. A Place Called Love

    A Place Called Love (2010)


    A Place Called Love is the sixth studio album by Canadian country music artist Johnny Reid. It was released on August 31, 2010 by EMI Records.

  18. A Place Like This

    A Place Like This


    A Place Like This is Robbie Nevil's second album, released in 1988.

  19. A Private Heaven

    A Private Heaven (1990)


    A Private Heaven, released in 1984, was the seventh album release by Scottish singer Sheena Easton. Released by EMI America, the album featured two US Top 10 hit singles: the sassy lead single "Strut" and the controversial "Sugar Walls." A third single, "Swear", reached #80. The album itself reached US #15 and sold over one million copies, earning a US RIAA Gold & Platinum certification. In Canada the album went Platinum.

  20. a Very Special Season

    a Very Special Season (1994)


    A Very Special Season (also known as A Very Special Season: 14 Songs for Christmas) is a holiday album released by American soul singer Diana Ross in 1994.

  21. About The Blues

    About The Blues (2002)


    About the Blues was an LP album by Julie London, released by Liberty Records under catalog numbers LRP-3043 (monaural) in 1957 and LST-7012 (stereophonic) in 1958. All of the songs in the album have "blues" in their titles.

  22. Abracadabra

    Abracadabra (2012)


    Abracadabra is the sixth studio album by the British band ABC, released in 1991.

  23. Aerial

    Aerial (2011)


    Aerial is the eighth studio album by the English singer-songwriter and musician Kate Bush. Her first brand new material released since her 1993 album The Red Shoes, it was also her first double album.

  24. Afrodisiac

    Afrodisiac (2009)


    Afrodisiac is an album by Nigerian Afrobeat composer, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti, originally released on the Nigerian EMI label in 1971.

  25. Aladdin Sane

    Aladdin Sane (2013)


    Aladdin Sane is the sixth album by David Bowie, released by RCA Records in 1973. The follow-up to his breakthrough The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, it was the first album he wrote and released as a bona fide rock star. While many critics agree that it contains some of his best material, opinion as to its overall quality has often been divided.

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