People from Rockingham County, New Hampshire

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  3. People from Deerfield, New Hampshire 10 views

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  1. Albert Palmer (American politician)

    Albert Palmer (American politician)

    American politician

  2. Albert Plummer

    Albert Plummer


    Albert Plummer (August 9, 1840 – March 20, 1912) was an American physician and legislator.

  3. Alice Brown (writer)

    Alice Brown (writer)

    Novelist, poet, playwright

  4. Anthony Manfreda

    Anthony Manfreda

    American football player

  5. Arthur Livermore

    Arthur Livermore

    1 view
    American politician

  6. Benjamin Franklin Butler (politician)

    Benjamin Franklin Butler (politician)

    Union Army general, lawyer, politician

  7. Benjamin Franklin Grouard

    Benjamin Franklin Grouard

    1 view
    American missionary

  8. Benjamin Randall

    Benjamin Randall

    American Baptist leader

  9. Benson Leavitt

    Benson Leavitt

    American politician

  10. Bill Moisan

    Bill Moisan

    American baseball player

  11. Bonnie Newman

    Bonnie Newman


    Jane Ellen "Bonnie" Newman (born June 2, 1945) is an American administrator and business executive. A Republican, she worked for Judd Gregg, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush. Newman was also interim president of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and the Community College System of New Hampshire. She was selected to be the United States Senator from New Hampshire when Gregg was nominated to become United States Secretary of Commerce, but did not take office when the vacancy she was to fill did not materialize.

  12. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson

    American baseball pitcher

  13. Carl Forsaith

    Carl Forsaith

    1 view
    American history book author

  14. Charles Rufus Brown

    Charles Rufus Brown


    Charles Rufus Brown (1849 – 1914) was an American Baptist clergyman and Semitic scholar. He was born in Kingston, New Hampshire, graduated from the United States Naval Academy and reached the grade of master (1871) in the United States navy, from which he resigned in 1875. Thereafter he studied at Harvard, Newton Theological Institution, Union Theological Seminary, and the universities of Berlin and Leipzig. In 1883 he became assoiciate professor of biblical interpretation and in 1886 professor of Hebrew and cognate languages in Newton Theological Institution. In 1910-11 he was resident director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. He published An Aramaic Method (1884; second edition, 1893), a translation of the book of Jeremiah (1906), and a Commentary on Jeremiah (1907).

  15. Dana Jennings

    Dana Jennings

    1 view
    American writer

  16. Daniel Clark (New Hampshire)

    Daniel Clark (New Hampshire)

    American politician

  17. Daniel G. George

    Daniel G. George


    Daniel Griffin George (July 7, 1840 – February 26, 1916) was a Union Navy sailor in the American Civil War who received the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor.

  18. Daniel Leavitt

    Daniel Leavitt

    American, Inventor

  19. Danny Sheehan

    Danny Sheehan

    American boxer

  20. David McGregore

    David McGregore


    David McGregore (November 6, 1710 – May 30, 1777), also known as McGregor, MacGregore or MacGregor, was a Presbyterian Minister and Member of the Colonial America Christian Clergy. The father of McGregore, James, brought his family and flock of Scotch-Irish immigrants to America on five ships in 1718 and settled in a part of New Hampshire called Nutfield which today is known as the towns of Derry and Londonderry. Rev. David McGregor’s sermons were very much ahead of his time and sheds light on the religious sentiments of colonial New England. He questioned the old scriptures and seems to have believed in experimenting in new beliefs and new forms of religion, which was very revolutionary for his time.

  21. Dimitrios Gavriel

    Dimitrios Gavriel


    This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.

  22. Don Van Patten

    Don Van Patten

    1 view
    American politician

  23. Dudley Leavitt (publisher)

    Dudley Leavitt (publisher)

    1 view
    Teacher, mathematician, writer, publisher

  24. E. Knowlton Fogg

    E. Knowlton Fogg

    1 view
    American politician

  25. Edward Tuck

    Edward Tuck

    American diplomat

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People from Rockingham County, New Hampshire
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