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  1. 1814


    1 view

    1814 is a reggae band from New Zealand.

  2. 7 Worlds Collide

    7 Worlds Collide


    7 Worlds Collide is a musical project by New Zealand singer/songwriter, Neil Finn. The project brings together Finn and other musicians in support of charity.

  3. A Handful of Dust

    A Handful of Dust


    A Handful of Dust are a New Zealand free noise band featuring guitarist Bruce Russell, violinist Alastair Galbraith and drummer Peter Stapleton.

  4. Aaria



    Aaria are a New Zealand pop band that formed in 2000.

  5. Able Tasmans

    Able Tasmans


    The Able Tasmans were an indie band from Auckland, New Zealand.

  6. Above Ground

    Above Ground


    Above Ground was a band from Christchurch, New Zealand formed in 1983.

  7. Adeaze



    Adeaze is a New Zealand R&B/Soul group comprising brothers Nainz and Viiz Tupai. The group's debut album, Always and for Real, was released in 2004 and topped the album chart in New Zealand.

  8. Aishah and The Fan Club

    Aishah and The Fan Club


    Aishah and The Fan Club, better known as The Fan Club or just Fan Club, were a New Zealand-based singing group in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The group released their first album Sensation in 1988, which spawned three top-20 singles in the New Zealand and Malaysian charts, namely "Sensation", "Paradise" and "Call Me".

  9. AKSamba



    AKSamba is a percussion group based in Auckland, New Zealand. While predominantly inspired by Brazilian rhythms, the group's music also incorporates international rhythms such as drum'n'bass, funk, disco and ska, as well as West African ones.

  10. ALT



    ALT was a one-off band, featuring former New Zealand band Split Enz frontman Tim Finn, Northern Irish singer/songwriter Andy White and the frontman of the Irish band Hothouse Flowers, Liam Ó Maonlaí, that recorded and played together in 1995.

  11. AONUA


    1 view

    AONUA is a New Zealand musical group. Their music is a combination of Polynesian instruments, Maori vocals, native wildlife and natural sounds blended with contemporary instrumentation. The lyrics are a combination of the Maori language and English.

  12. Ardijah



    Ardijah is a music group from Auckland, New Zealand that formed in 1979.

  13. Atlas



    Atlas were a New Zealand rock band which originally formed in 2005 but disbanded in late 2008.

  14. Autozamm


    1 view

    Autozamm is a rock band from Auckland, New Zealand that has supported international acts such as the Black Crowes, INXS and Silverchair. The band has appeared at events such as the Big Day Out, Homegrown and Southern Amp.

  15. Bailter Space

    Bailter Space

    1 view

    Bailter Space (a.k.a. Bailterspace) is an atmospheric noise rock band that formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987 as Nelsh Bailter Space; they had previously recorded as The Gordons. Its members are Alister Parker (guitar, bass), John Halvorsen (bass, guitar), Brent McLachlan (drums/percussion, samples). After releasing seven studio albums, numerous EPs/singles and a career retrospective compilation, Bailter Space went on an extended hiatus in 2004. They returned in August 2008 to play the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan.

  16. Bang Bang Eche

    Bang Bang Eche

    1 view

    Bang! Bang! Eche! are a dance punk band currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  17. Betchadupa



    Betchadupa was a New Zealand pop/rock group. Formed in 1997, in Auckland, the band features Liam Finn, son of Neil Finn, of Crowded House and Split Enz and Matt Eccles, son of Brent Eccles (previously a member of The Angels and Citizen Band).

  18. Big Muffin Serious Band

    Big Muffin Serious Band


    The Big Muffin Serious Band (BMSB) is a ukulele-based music performance group from Hamilton, New Zealand. It was started in 1983 by Jim Fulton, Graeme Cairns and Ian Coldham-Fussell when all three were members of a Project Employment Program (PEP) scheme. These schemes were initiatives instigated by the then National Government to undertake public works and provide vocational experience for the unemployed. This specific PEP scheme was run by the Hamilton City Council and involved creating performances and art in public spaces and schools.

  19. Bill and Boyd

    Bill and Boyd


    Bill and Boyd were a pop music duo from 1959 to 1989 consisting of William "Bill" Cate (born 1940) and William "Boyd" Robinson (born 1941), both on lead vocals and lead guitar, which started recording in 1960. They began their careers in Wellington, New Zealand before relocating to Sydney by 1964. In 1968 they toured United States supporting The Supremes and Herb Albert. Bill and Boyd's highest charting single, "Santa Never Made It into Darwin", peaked at No. 2 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart in early 1975. It was a charity single in support of rebuilding Darwin after its devastation by Cyclone Tracy on the previous Christmas Eve – Christmas Day. At the Country Music Awards of Australia of 1976 "Santa Never Made It into Darwin" won the APRA Song of the Year for the duo and Cate its writer. Their self-titled album from 1975 reached No. 1 on the New Zealand Albums Chart, while "Put Another Log on the Fire" (December 1975) reached No. 5 on the related New Zealand Singles Chart and No. 23 in Australia. The duo continued together until 1989. Cate formed a self-titled trio.

  20. Bird Nest Roys

    Bird Nest Roys


    The Bird Nest Roys were an New Zealand rock group, formed in the mid-1980s in the hills west of Auckland, New Zealand. They released one self-titled album on Flying Nun Records. Despite being from Auckland, they are frequently cited as one of the bands that played the Dunedin Sound, named after the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand.

  21. Black Boned Angel

    Black Boned Angel


    Black Boned Angel is a Wellington-based drone metal project of New Zealand experimental musicians Campbell Kneale (who also performs solo as Birchville Cat Motel) and James Kirk (of Sandoz Lab Technicians, The Stumps, The Idle Suite). Originally a duo with Kirk, recently Black Boned Angel has expanded to include Jules Desmond (of 1/3 Octave Band). Black Boned Angel incorporates elements of drone, industrial, dark ambient and influences taken from doom metal music. The project takes its name directly from a song by the band Godflesh, which can be found on their album "Selfless." Black Boned Angel have released material on Kneale's own labels Battlecruiser and Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, as well as on 20 Buck Spin and Riot Season, and have been compared to artists such as Earth, Sunn O))), and Corrupted.

  22. Blam Blam Blam

    Blam Blam Blam


    Blam Blam Blam were a New Zealand pop/rock/alternative band. Tim Mahon (bass) and Mark Bell (guitar,vo) had been members of The Plague and The Whizz Kids. After losing their drummer Ian Gilroy to The Swingers in 1980, Tim and Mark joined up with Don McGlashan, a multi-instrumentalist who played drums and sang many lead vocals.

  23. Bleeders



    The Bleeders are a hardcore band from New Zealand. The group consists of Angelo Munro (vocals), Gareth Stack (Bass), Ian King (Guitar), Hadleigh Donald (Guitar) and Matt (George) Clark (Drums).

  24. Blerta



    Blerta ("Bruno Lawrence's Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition"), was a New Zealand musical and theatrical co-operative active in the 1970s.

  25. Blindspott



    Blindspott were an alternative metal band from Waitakere, New Zealand, now performing under the name Blacklistt. They were formed in 1997, originally consisting of Damian Alexander (vocals), Marcus Powell (guitar, backing vocals), Shelton Woolright (drums), Gareth Fleming (bass) and Karl Vilisini, also known as DJ Dlay (turntables, keyboards).

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