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  1. 100th Anniversary

    100th Anniversary


    100th Anniversary is a reissue studio album by Jamaican reggae singer Burning Spear, of 2 albums: Marcus Garvey (album) and Garvey's Ghost.

  2. 4-Track Demos

    4-Track Demos (1993)


    4-Track Demos is an album of demos by British singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. It was released in October 1993 by Island Records. It consists of 8 demos of songs from her previous album, Rid of Me, along with 6 demos of some unreleased tracks which never made it to being recorded with the three-piece PJ Harvey line-up. According to interviews with Harvey, all fourteen of these songs were written and demoed at her home between mid-1991 and autumn 1992. 4-Track Demos was Harvey's first self-produced album, a job she would not take on again until 2004's Uh Huh Her.

  3. 4th Street Feeling

    4th Street Feeling (2012)


    4th Street Feeling is the twelfth studio album by American rock/pop musician Melissa Etheridge, released on September 4, 2012 by Island Records, produced by Jacquire King and Steve Booker, with all tracks co-produced by Etheridge. The album was recorded at the "House Of Blues Studio" in Encino, CA. It features twelve tracks on the standard release and three bonus tracks on the deluxe edition..

  4. A

    A (2007)


    A is the 13th studio album by Jethro Tull. It was released on 29 August 1980 in the UK and 1 September of the same year in the United States. The album was recorded in the summer of 1980 using Maison Rouge Mobile and Maison Rouge Studios in Fulham, London. Eddie Jobson guested on the album, playing keyboards and electric violin. The album was produced by Ian Anderson and Robin Black.

  5. A Child's Adventure

    A Child's Adventure (1990)


    A Child's Adventure is the tenth album by Marianne Faithfull, released on Island Records in 1983.

  6. A Christmas Cornucopia

    A Christmas Cornucopia (2010)


    A Christmas Cornucopia is the fifth studio album by the Scottish singer-songwriter Annie Lennox, released in November 2010. It was Lennox's first album after signing to the Universal Music Group (Island Records in the UK, Decca in the US and Europe) following her departure from Sony BMG, which had been her label for almost 30 years. It was also her second cover album (after 1995's Medusa) and her first based around holiday music.

  7. A City By the Light Divided

    A City By the Light Divided (2006)


    A City by the Light Divided is the fourth full-length album by Thursday, released by Island Records on May 2, 2006. It reached #20 on the Billboard 200.

  8. A Moving Picture

    A Moving Picture (2013)


    A Moving Picture is the second studio album released by English rapper Devlin, via Island Records and the Universal Music Group. The album was released on 4 February 2013. The album was produced by a number of well known producers, including Labrinth, Kraze, Lewi White, TMS, Future Cut and Naughty Boy. Featured guests on the album include Katy B, Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Diane Birch, Etta Bond and Chasing Grace.

  9. A New Thought For Christmas

    A New Thought For Christmas (2008)


    A New Thought For Christmas is a 2008 Christmas album by rock singer Melissa Etheridge. It is her tenth studio release, overall. The album was released on September 30, 2008.

  10. A Secret Life

    A Secret Life (2000)


    A Secret Life is an album by Marianne Faithfull that was released in 1995 and produced by Angelo Badalamenti. It was her first studio album composed mostly of original material in over a decade. It was recorded at Excalibur Sound and National/Edison Recording Studio, New York.

  11. A Woman, A Man, Walked By

    A Woman, A Man, Walked By (2009)


    A Woman a Man Walked By is the second collaborative studio album English alternative rock musicians PJ Harvey and John Parish, released on 30 March 2009 by Island Records.

  12. Achtung Baby

    Achtung Baby (2011)


    Achtung Baby (ˈɑːktŋ ˈbb) is the seventh studio album by Irish rock band U2. It was produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, and was released on 18 November 1991 on Island Records. Stung by criticism of their 1988 release, Rattle and Hum, U2 shifted their musical direction to incorporate influences from alternative rock, industrial music, and electronic dance music into their sound. Thematically, the album is darker, more introspective, and at times more flippant than their previous work. Achtung Baby and the subsequent multimedia-intensive Zoo TV Tour were central to the group's 1990s reinvention, by which they abandoned their earnest public image for a more lighthearted and self-deprecating one.

  13. Adulthood

    Adulthood (2011)


    Adulthood is the debut album by British singer CocknBullKid. It was released in the United Kingdom on 20 May 2011 by Island Records.

  14. All Killer No Filler

    All Killer No Filler (2013)


    All Killer, No Filler is the first studio album by the Canadian rock band Sum 41, released on May 8, 2001. It was certified platinum in the United States, Canada and in the UK.

  15. All of Us

    All of Us (2003)


    The Existence of Chance Is Everything and Nothing While the Greatest Achievement Is the Living of Life, and so Say All of Us or simply 'All of Us is a 1968 release by the British psychedelic-rock group Nirvana which includes "Tiny Goddess," "Trapeze," and "Frankie the Great." Their most well-known song, "Rainbow Chaser," leads off, with its prominent phasing effects; "Tiny Goddess," one of their ballads, comes next.

  16. All That You Can't Leave Behind

    All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000)


    All That You Can't Leave Behind is the tenth studio album by rock band U2. It was released on 30 October 2000 by Island Records in the United Kingdom and Interscope Records in the United States. Following the mixed reception to their 1997 album, Pop, All That You Can't Leave Behind represented a return to a more conventional sound for the band after they experimented with alternative rock and dance music in the 1990s. At the time of the album's release, U2 said on a number of occasions that they were "reapplying for the job ... [of] the best band in the world". U2 brought back producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois who had produced a number of the band's previous albums. The album was originally named "U2000", which was a working title for their past PopMart Tour.

  17. Among The Living

    Among The Living (2009)


    Among the Living is the third studio album by American thrash metal band Anthrax. It was released in March 1987 by Megaforce Worldwide/Island, and was certified gold by the RIAA on July 31, 1990. The BBC has described the album as "arguably their big breakthrough", and "often cited by fans as their favorite Anthrax album".

  18. An Answer Can Be Found

    An Answer Can Be Found (2005)


    An Answer Can Be Found (stylised an Ånswer can be found and abbreviated AACBF) is the third studio album by American alternative metal band CKY. Released on June 28, 2005 by The Island Def Jam Music Group and supported by the single release of "Familiar Realm", AACBF reached number 35 on the American Billboard 200 albums chart, the highest achieved by the band to-date.

  19. And Now the Legacy Begins

    And Now the Legacy Begins (1991)


    And Now the Legacy Begins is the debut album of Canadian hip hop duo Dream Warriors, released April 23, 1991. It was released worldwide on Island Records and in the United States on sub-label 4th & B'way Records (although it was not a hit in the U.S.). The album is regarded as one of the finest alternative hip hop records of the golden era.

  20. Angel Delight

    Angel Delight (1995)


    Angel Delight is the sixth album by the British folk rock band Fairport Convention. This was the first Fairport Convention album without guitarist Richard Thompson, and the lineup consisted of Simon Nicol (guitar, vocals) (the only original group member), Dave Swarbrick (violin, vocals), Dave Pegg (bass, vocals), and Dave Mattacks (drums).

  21. Angels with Dirty Faces

    Angels with Dirty Faces (2002)


    Angels with Dirty Faces is the second studio album by English girl group Sugababes. It was released by Island Records in the UK on 26 August 2002 and in most European territories by September 2002. The album marked the band's debut on the Island label, following their split with London Records in 2001, and was their first regular release to be recorded under the second line-up, including new-member Heidi Range, who replaced founding member Siobhán Donaghy.

  22. Angels With Dirty Faces

    Angels With Dirty Faces (1998)


    Angels with Dirty Faces is the third album of Bristol, England musician Tricky, released in 1998. The title is taken from the film of the same name.

  23. Another Cycle

    Another Cycle (1971)


    Another Cycle is a 1971 album by Jimmy Cliff. It was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama, USA.

  24. Another Green World

    Another Green World (2004)


    Another Green World is the third studio album by English musician Brian Eno. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it was originally released by Island Records in September 1975. As he had done with previous solo albums, Eno worked with several guest musicians including Phil Collins, John Cale and Robert Fripp. The album marked a great musical change from Eno's previous albums. Using his instruction cards the Oblique Strategies for guidance, the album contained fewer lyric-based rock songs and had stronger emphasis on instrumental productions; many without the aid of guest musicians. The dark humour of the lyrics also changed to more dreamlike and obscure songs.

  25. Another Love Song

    Another Love Song


    Another Love Song is the first studio album released by Irish band The Frames. First released in 1991 on Island Records, this album went out of print a few years after its original release, and became somewhat of a collector's item among fans. It spawned the singles "The Dancer" and "Masquerade", the former being used as the soundtrack to Match Of The Day's 'Goal of the Week' segment in the early 90s.

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