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  1. 199 Park Lane

    199 Park Lane (1965)


    199 Park Lane was a British soap opera that aired on BBC1 in 1965. Airing twice a week, the series was based around the residents of a luxury blocks of flats in London.

  2. 7Up 2000

    7Up 2000 (2000)


    Up New Generation is a new version of the Up Series, following the lives of a group of individuals who were seven years old at the turn of the millennium.

  3. 999

    999 (1990)


    999 is a British docudrama television series presented by Michael Buerk, that premiered in 1992 on BBC One and ran until 2003. The series got its name from the emergency telephone number used in the United Kingdom.

  4. A Kick Up the Eighties

    A Kick Up the Eighties (1981)


  5. A Life of Grime

    A Life of Grime (1999)


    A Life of Grime (a play on the expression A Life of Crime) is a BBC reality series following the work of environmental health inspectors. Launched during an explosion of reality television, the idea found something of a cult following.

  6. A Perfect State

    A Perfect State (1997)


    A Perfect State was a 1997 British situation comedy starring Gwen Taylor, Richard Hope, Trevor Cooper, Emma Amos and Danny Webb. It debuted on BBC1 on Thursday 27 February 1997 and ran for seven episodes.

  7. A Prince Among Men

    A Prince Among Men (1997)


    A Prince Among Men was a somewhat unsuccessful British sitcom that ran on BBC1 from 1997 to 1998 lasting 12 episodes. It starred Chris Barrie as Gary Prince, a former international football star turned entrepreneur. The theme music was by Jamie Marshall.

  8. A Question of Attribution

    A Question of Attribution (1992)


    A Question of Attribution is a 1991 television play written by Alan Bennett and commissioned by the BBC. Directed by John Schlesinger, it starred James Fox as Anthony Blunt and Prunella Scales as Elizabeth II.

  9. A Word in Your Ear

    A Word in Your Ear (1998)


    A Word in Your Ear is a game show that originally aired BBC1 from 19 April 1993 to 14 October 1994 then on The Family Channel from 1995. It was hosted by Gordon Burns. The host presided over male and female pairs of celebrities as they participate in a few rounds of communication games.

  10. After Pilkington

    After Pilkington (1987)


    After Pilkington was a one-off BBC television drama by Simon Gray, starring Miranda Richardson, Bob Peck and Barry Foster. It was first broadcast in 1987.

  11. An Englishman Abroad

    An Englishman Abroad (1983)


    An Englishman Abroad is a 1983 BBC television drama film, based on the true story of a chance meeting of an actress, Coral Browne, with Guy Burgess (Alan Bates), a member of the Cambridge spy ring who spied for the Soviet Union while an officer at MI6. The production was written by Alan Bennett and directed by John Schlesinger; Browne stars as herself.

  12. Ann and Harold

    Ann and Harold (1938)


    Ann and Harold was the first ever British television serial. The program, written by Louis Goodrich, ran on BBC television for a total of five 20-minute episodes in July and August of 1938. It starred Ann Todd and William Hutchison in the "story of a London society couple's romance, from their meeting to their grand society wedding."

  13. Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution'

    Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution' (2005)


    Auschwitz: The Nazis and 'The Final Solution' is a BBC six-episode documentary film series presenting the story of Auschwitz through interviews with former inmates and guards to include authentic re-enactments of relevant events. It was first televised on BBC One on 11 January 2005. In the United States, this series first aired on PBS television stations as Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State in early 2005 and was released, under that title, in a 2-DVD box set (Region 1), by BBC Warner, on 29 March 2005.

  14. Babyfather

    Babyfather (2001)


    Babyfather is a BBC Two television programme which aired in the UK in 2001 and 2002. The show has been described as a "black, male, UK version of Sex and the City". It ran for two series, and was based on a novel written by Patrick Augustus. The writers of the screenplay include Avril E. Russell, Sharon Foster, and Roy Williams.

  15. Backup

    Backup (1995)


    Backup is a BBC drama series about the work of a police Operational Support Unit (similar to the Territorial Support Group).

  16. Bad Boyes

    Bad Boyes (1987)


    Bad Boyes is a 1987 British children's comedy-drama television series produced by the BBC and which was aired on BBC One's afternoon CBBC slot for two series in 1987 and 1988. It was written by Jim Eldridge and starred Steven Kember as the eponymous hero, Brian Arthur Derek (BAD) Boyes, a mischievous schoolboy who had a tendency to get himself into trouble and consequently had a series of misadventures. He was especially prone to clashing with his ultra-strict form teacher Mr Wiggis (Gregory Cox). As for his parents - his kindly but weak-willed father (Dean Harris) was always completely fooled by his son's innocent facade, but his mother (Susan Jameson) rather less so - it rarely took her long to get to the bottom of her son's devilish plots, and her war-cry of "Bri-an!" was always a sure sign that he'd been rumbled. The series also starred Warren Brian as Edward 'Slug' Slogg, who was the school bully who often clashed with Brian, Nicola Greenhill as Bernetta Vincent, Brian's close friend and confidante, Christopher Owen as their well-meaning but ineffectual headmaster, Helen Cotterill as Brian's mother's neurotic and decidedly oddball friend Rose Moncrieff and Lila Kaye as Brian's grumpy and mean-spirited Gran.

  17. Baker Boys

    Baker Boys (2011)


    Baker Boys is an English-language Welsh television drama series, produced by BBC Wales and broadcast on BBC One Wales. The series was written by Helen Raynor and Gary Owen. Torchwood creator Russell T Davies also had a role as creative consultant, which he fulfilled from Los Angeles. The first episode of the series was broadcast on 23 January 2011.

  18. Ball-Trap on the Cote Sauvage

    Ball-Trap on the Cote Sauvage (1989)


    Ball Trap on the Cote Sauvage is a 1989 British television comedy drama (transmitted on BBC1), written by celebrated screenwriter Andrew Davies, and set in France on Brittany's Côte Sauvage. The one-off drama starred Jack Shepherd, Zoë Wanamaker, Michael Kitchen, Miranda Richardson and Erika Hoffman

  19. Bare Necessities

    Bare Necessities (2000)


    Bare Necessities is a 2000-1 BBC2 television survival reality show produced by Pudding Productions. The show ran for two series and can still be seen on the golden oldies repeat channels.

  20. Barking Mad

    Barking Mad (1999)


    Barking Mad is a British television program about problem pets. "Barking mad", meaning "insane", is a play on words. It was hosted by Mark Evans and Philippa Forrester. It was originally broadcast on BBC1. It is also shown outside the UK on the satellite channel Animal Planet. During the show, the team attempt to solve behavioral problems in dogs, cats and other pets, by means of intensive training and advising the owners on commands and methods of keeping control.

  21. Barnaby Rudge

    Barnaby Rudge (1960)


    Barnaby Rudge is a British drama television series which originally aired on the BBC in thirteen episodes between 30 September and 23 December 1960. It was an adaptation of the novel Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens set against the backdrop of the 1780 Gordon Riots.

  22. Barney

    Barney (1988)


    Barney is a short-lived CBBC television programme centered on the main characters Barney and Roger. Despite attracting a cult following in the UK, it was considered a relative commercial failure and canceled after its first series.

  23. BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha

    BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha (2010)


    BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha (Bengali: বিবিসি জানালা মুঝে মুঝে শেখর; English: BBC Window Learning with Fun) is a Bangladeshi prime time light entertainment educational game show with comedy sketches for English education. The show was produced by the BBC and broadcast over two series on Bangladesh Television from 16 October 2010 until 7 June 2012.

  24. BBC Sunday-Night Play

    BBC Sunday-Night Play (1960)


    BBC Sunday-Night Play is the anthology drama series which replaced Sunday Night Theatre in 1960. It was broadcast on what was then BBC Television (now BBC One).

  25. Beast

    Beast (2000)


    Beast is a BBC One sitcom based in a veterinary surgery. Two series of six episodes each were made, with the first broadcast in early 2000 and the second in early 2001. The main premise of the show is that the main character and practice owner does not like being a vet and has a strong dislike of animals.

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BBC Television programme stubs
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