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  1. Bobby Jindal

    Bobby Jindal

    Governor of Louisiana

  2. Barry Stevens (Renewable energy development)

    Barry Stevens (Renewable energy development)

    American scientist

  3. Michael Grimm

    Michael Grimm

    American politician

  4. Angus King

    Angus King

    American politician

  5. George Philippidis

    George Philippidis


    George Philippidis is a renewable energy leader who has published and spoken extensively about the global need for energy diversification over the last 20 years. He advocates the development of renewable and alternative low-carbon power and fuels to enhance energy security, combat climate change, and secure sustainable economic growth. He has authored 11 cleantech patents, written numerous articles, and spoken nationally and internationally on this subject emphasizing that renewable and alternative energy will initially supplement and augment current resources and progressively replace fossil energy, provided that governments institute long-term energy policies promoting the development of and private investment in new energy technologies.

  6. Daniel Kammen

    Daniel Kammen

    American, Scientist

  7. Jan Hamrin

    Jan Hamrin


    Jan Hamrin has spent 30 years promoting renewable energy through research, policy formulation, and the development of consumer programs. She founded the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions in 1997 and retired as president of CRS at the end of 2007.

  8. Fabio Rosa

    Fabio Rosa

    A well known man who wants to help all poor people that do not have electricity.

  9. Britta Thomsen

    Britta Thomsen

    Danish politician

  10. James Blyth (engineer)

    James Blyth (engineer)

    Scottish, Inventor

  11. Gaspar Makale

    Gaspar Makale


    Gaspar Makale (1960 circa. to December 2007, Tanzania) was one of the pioneers of solar electrification in the African Great Lakes. During the 1990s, he was the Chief Solar Technician at the KARADEA Solar Training Facility (KSTF) in Karagwe district, Kagera region in Northern Tanzania, situated between Lake Victoria and Rwanda.

  12. Gérard Magnin

    Gérard Magnin


    Gérard Magnin (born 1951) has been Executive Director of Energy Cities since 1994, after having been the original founder of this European network that brings together about 1000 local authorities from 30 European countries. He has been Regional Director for the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) in Franche-Comté region (FR) for ten years. Initially trained in electrical engineering, followed by economics and politics, he taught economic and social sciences for eight years.

  13. Tom Cotter (environmentalist)

    Tom Cotter (environmentalist)

    American, Writer

  14. Hugh Saddler

    Hugh Saddler

    1 view
    Australian, Writer

  15. S. David Freeman

    S. David Freeman

    1 view

    S. David Freeman (born January 14, 1926) is an American engineer, attorney, and author, born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who has had many key roles in energy policy.

  16. Miguel Mendonca

    Miguel Mendonca

    1 view

    Miguel Mendonça (born August 2 1973, Salisbury, Rhodesia) is a writer, focusing on socially conscious fiction, written under the pen name of Michael Ford. His first book, a collection of 11 short stories and 1 novella, was published as 'Quick! Act Normal,' in February 2013. His stories explore human relationships: with ourselves, each other and the world in which we live. The work is an extension of his previous career in the field of sustainability.

  17. Hans Grassmann

    Hans Grassmann

    1 view
    German physicist and author

  18. Joe Doucet

    Joe Doucet

    1 view
    American, Designer

  19. Michael Boxwell

    Michael Boxwell

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    Michael Boxwell (born 1 February 1970) is an eco-technology author who has written the books Owning an Electric Car, Solar Electricity Handbook and Proof of Delivery Buyer's Guide, all published by Greenstream Publishing.

  20. Hélène Pelosse

    Hélène Pelosse

    French, Politician

  21. George Logothetis

    George Logothetis


    George Michael Logothetis (born January 18, 1975) is an international businessman. He is from a Greek shipping family, grew up in London and has British citizenship, and has lived in New York City since 2004.

  22. Bent Sørensen (physicist)

    Bent Sørensen (physicist)


  23. Thomas H. Stoner, Jr.

    Thomas H. Stoner, Jr.


    Thomas H. Stoner, Jr. is an energy entrepreneur and writer. He has been a promoter of sustainable development for over 30 years, having built, financed, and owned and operated renewable energy projects throughout the Americas. He has led three companies in the clean technology space, including one of the original CleanTech venture funds backed by the international development banks, including the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a division of the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2011, with the aid of David Schimel of the Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA) and other leading climate figures, Stoner founded Project Butterfly, a research organization that primarily advocates for the global capital markets as being a solution to climate change. In 2013, Stoner released “Small Change, Big Gains: Reflections of an Energy Entrepreneur,” which contains research about transforming the global energy supply to be more reliant upon sustainable fuel sources by the end of the century.

  24. Martin Vosseler

    Martin Vosseler


    Martin Vosseler is a co-founder of the organisation Physicians for Social Responsibility, who has been a renewable energy advocate since 1981. After giving up his medical practice in 1995, he began working full time to raise awareness of the benefits of renewable energy use, by travelling around the world. From 16 October 2006 to 8 May 2007 Dr Vosseler and his crew made history by completing the first trans-atlantic crossing in a motorized boat, using solar power only. Dr Vosseler has received a special prize from Eurosolar.

  25. Louis Palmer

    Louis Palmer

    Swiss teacher, innovator, and environmentalist

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