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  1. 11-11-11

    11-11-11 (2011)


    11-11-11 is a 2011 supernatural horror film written and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The film is set on 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month and concerning an entity from another world that enters the earthly realm through Heaven's 11th gate. The film was released on November 11, 2011 in 17 theaters domestically. It was not distributed any further in North America, thus most of its revenues were generated from foreign showings.

  2. Agnosia

    Agnosia (2010)


    Agnosía is a Spanish baroque retro-futuristic thriller directed by Eugenio Mira and written by Antonio Trashorras.

  3. Autómata

    Autómata (2014)


    Autómata is an upcoming 2014 American sci-fi thriller film by Spanish director Gabe Ibáñez and co-written by Ibáñez with Igor Legarreta and Javier Sánchez Donate. The film stars Antonio Banderas, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Melanie Griffith, Dylan McDermott, Robert Forster and Tim McInnerny.

  4. BackWoods

    BackWoods (2006)


    The Backwoods, alternately known in Spanish as Bosque de Sombras, is a 2006 Spanish-British thriller film directed and co-written by the Spanish director Koldo Serra.

  5. Basic Instinct 2

    Basic Instinct 2 (2006)


    Basic Instinct 2 (also known as Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction), is a 2006 erotic thriller film and the sequel to 1992's Basic Instinct. The film was directed by Michael Caton-Jones and produced by Mario Kassar, Joel B. Michaels, and Andrew G. Vajna. The screenplay was by Leora Barish and Henry Bean. It stars Sharon Stone, who reprises her role of Catherine Tramell from the original, and David Morrissey. The film is an international co-production of Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain.

  6. Beneath Still Waters

    Beneath Still Waters (2005)


    Beneath Still Waters is a 2005 horror film, it was directed by Brian Yuzna and stars Michael McKell, Raquel Meroño and Charlotte Salt.

  7. Broken Embraces

    Broken Embraces (2009)


    Broken Embraces (Spanish: Los abrazos rotos) is a 2009 Spanish romantic thriller film written, produced, and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Led by an ensemble cast consisting of many Almodóvar regulars, it stars Lluís Homar as a blind Madrilenian screenwriter who recalls his tragic love for Lena, played by Penélope Cruz, the deceased lead actress in his last directional feature Girls and Suitcases, who was also the mistress of a powerful, obsessive businessman (José Luis Gómez). Blanca Portillo co-stars as his agent Judit, while Tamar Novas portrays her son and Caine's co-writer Diego.

  8. Buried

    Buried (2010)


    Buried is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Rodrigo Cortés. It stars Ryan Reynolds and was written by Chris Sparling.

  9. Cannibal

    Cannibal (2013)


    Cannibal (Spanish: Caníbal) is a 2013 Spanish-Romanian thriller film directed by Manuel Martín Cuenca. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

  10. Dot the I

    Dot the I (2003)


    dot the i (Spain: el punto sobre la i) is a 2003 psychological thriller starring Gael García Bernal, Natalia Verbeke, and James D'Arcy. It was written and directed by Matthew Parkhill.

  11. El rey de la montaña

    El rey de la montaña (2007)


    The King of the Mountain (El rey de la montaña) (also released as King of the Hill) is a 2007 Spanish thriller film directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego. The film stars Argentine actor Leonardo Sbaraglia and Spanish actress María Valverde.

  12. Enemy

    Enemy (2013)


    Enemy is a 2013 Canadian psychological thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve; it was loosely adapted by Javier Gullón from José Saramago's 2002 novel The Double. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as two characters, and co-stars Mélanie Laurent, Isabella Rossellini, Sarah Gadon, Stephen R. Hart, and Jane Moffat. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

  13. Escobar: Paradise Lost

    Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)


    Escobar: Paradise Lost (also known as Paradise Lost) is an upcoming French-Spanish romantic thriller film, written and directed by Andrea Di Stefano. It is the directorial debut of Di Stefano. The film chronicles the life of a surfer, who falls in love while visiting his brother in Colombia and finds out that the girl's uncle is Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

  14. Fermat's Room

    Fermat's Room (2007)


    Fermat's Room (Spanish: La habitación de Fermat) is a 2007 Spanish thriller film directed by Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña. Three mathematicians and one inventor are invited to a house under the premise of solving a great enigma, and told to use pseudonyms based on famous historical mathematicians. At the house, they are trapped in a room. They must solve puzzles given by the host, who calls himself "Fermat", in order to escape the slowly closing walls of the room.

  15. Grand Piano

    Grand Piano (2013)


    Grand Piano is a 2013 English-language Spanish thriller film starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack. The film is about a once promising pianist returning for a comeback performance, only to be the target of a sniper who will kill him if he plays one wrong note. The film premiered at Fantastic Fest on September 20, 2013 and was given a VOD release on January 30, 2014. It was given a limited release in U.S. theatres on March 7.

  16. H6: Diario de un asesino

    H6: Diario de un asesino (2005)


    H6: Diary of a Serial Killer is a 2006 Spanish horror film directed by Martín Garrido Barón and was written by Martín Garrido.

  17. Hierro

    Hierro (2009)


    Hierro is a 2009 psychological thriller directed by Gabe Ibáñez and starring Elena Anaya, Kaiet Rodríguez, Bea Segura, and Andrés Herrera.

  18. Julia's Eyes

    Julia's Eyes (2010)


    Julia's Eyes (Spanish: Los ojos de Julia) is a critically acclaimed 2010 Spanish horror film directed by Guillem Morales and written by Morales and Oriol Paulo.

  19. Kidnapped

    Kidnapped (2010)


    Secuestrados is a 2010 Spanish psychological thriller directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas and was written by Javier García.

  20. Live Flesh

    Live Flesh (1997)


    Live Flesh (Spanish: Carne Trémula) is a 1997 Spanish romantic drama thriller film, written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, starring Liberto Rabal, Javier Bardem, and Francesca Neri. The film is loosely based on Ruth Rendell's book Live Flesh.

  21. Lucía, Lucía

    Lucía, Lucía (2003)


    Lucía, Lucía, also known as La hija del caníbal, is a 2003 Mexican film (co-produced with Spain) and the second by Antonio Serrano. The story is based on Spanish journalist Rosa Montero's novel of the same name (1997). The film stars Argentine actress Cecilia Roth, Mexican actor Kuno Becker, and Spanish actor Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa. The cinematographer is Xavier Pérez Grobet.

  22. Marta

    Marta (1971)


    Marta is a 1971 Spanish thriller film directed by José Antonio Nieves Conde. The film was selected as the Spanish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 44th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

  23. Moscow Zero

    Moscow Zero (2006)


    Moscow Zero is a 2006 film directed by María Lidón.

  24. No Rest for the Wicked

    No Rest for the Wicked (2011)


    No Rest for the Wicked (Spanish: No habrá paz para los malvados) is an 2011 Spanish thriller film directed by Enrique Urbizu, written by Urbizu and Michel Gaztambide and starring José Coronado, Juanjo Artero and Helena Miquel.

  25. Open Graves

    Open Graves (2009)


    Open Graves is a 2009 horror film directed by Álvaro de Armiñán and written by Bruce A. Taylor and Roderick Taylor, the film stars Eliza Dushku, Mike Vogel, Naike Rivelli and Lindsay Robba.

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