American computer businesspeople

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  1. Aaron Fulkerson

    Aaron Fulkerson

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    Aaron Roe Fulkerson is an information technology businessman and founder of MindTouch, Inc. Fulkerson helped pioneer the open core business model, collaborative networks, and the application of Web Oriented Architecture to enterprise software.

  2. Aaron Swartz

    Aaron Swartz

    American computer programmer and writer

  3. Aart de Geus

    Aart de Geus


    Aart J. de Geus (born 1954) is the founder, chairman and CEO of Synopsys Inc. He is a fellow of IEEE and Phil Kaufman Award award winner. De Geus graduated with a masters degree in Electrical Engineering (1978) from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of technology), EPFL, Switzerland followed by a Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University, Texas, USA.

  4. Adam Healey

    Adam Healey


    Adam Raymond Healey (born in Rome, Italy) is an Internet entrepreneur.

  5. Adam Kolawa

    Adam Kolawa

    Business entrepreneur

  6. Al Salehi

    Al Salehi

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    Ali Salehi, better known as Trustee Al Salehi, is a special elected district member, political analyst, entrepreneur, computer technologist, radio host, and activist within the Iranian-American communities throughout the state of California. Al is currently a member of the board of trustees on the Buena Park Library District. Salehi was born to Iranian parents who immigrated to the United States in 1975. Al attended Laguna Beach High School in Laguna Beach, California. At Laguna Beach High School, Salehi was commended by former President Bill Clinton for advising him as the elected student chairman of the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America. Salehi is an activist among the Iranian populations in the state of California, notably in Orange County, California. Salehi helped finance his college career through profits from his technology company, Glancing Interactive Solutions, which specializes in the innovation of interactive technologies. As the CEO of Glancing, Salehi was awarded several U.S. patents in cellular communications similar to those used by Cisco, Microsoft and Apple Inc. He was also the former CTO for the N Brown Group (a Fortune 500 Company). Salehi is currently the Public Relations Manager for the Maryland Estates Development Company under the direction of Ebby Jebreel. Salehi practiced for many years as a therapist, specializing in alternate pain management, including hypnotherapy, under the supervision of Kamran Broukhim, M.D. at Integrated Healthcare, Westwood, California. He has also written for the Orange County Register several times. Salehi ran for United States Congress in the 45th Congressional District in 2014, and is currently lobbying another effort in his campaign for Buena Park City Council.

  7. Alan Shugart

    Alan Shugart

    American businessman

  8. Alan Tripp

    Alan Tripp

    American businessman

  9. Albert Santalo

    Albert Santalo


  10. Alberto Arebalos

    Alberto Arebalos

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    Argentine businessman

  11. Alex Eckelberry

    Alex Eckelberry

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  12. Alex Edelstein

    Alex Edelstein


    Alex Edelstein (born January 17, 1969) is a high-tech business executive and reality television participant.

  13. Alex J. Mandl

    Alex J. Mandl


    Alex J. Mandl (born 1943, in Austria) is a notable Austrian-American businessman, and currently Executive Chairman of smart card giant Gemalto. He has been named "One of America's Most Powerful Businessmen" by Forbes magazine.

  14. Alex Konanykhin

    Alex Konanykhin

    Russian entrepreneur and former banker

  15. Alex Quilici

    Alex Quilici

    American, Business

  16. Alex Wissner-Gross

    Alex Wissner-Gross

    American physicist

  17. Alexis Ohanian

    Alexis Ohanian


    Alexis Ohanian (born April 24, 1983) is an Armenian-American internet entrepreneur, activist and investor based in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, best known for co-founding the social news website reddit, helping launch travel search website Hipmunk, and starting social enterprise Breadpig. He is a partner at Y Combinator.

  18. Ali Rowghani

    Ali Rowghani


    Ali Rowghani (Persian: علی روغنی‎, born 21 January 1973) is the former COO and CFO of Twitter.

  19. Allen Alley

    Allen Alley


    Allen Alley (born August 3, 1954) is a businessman and Republican politician from the State of Oregon. He unsuccessfully ran for Oregon State Treasurer in 2008 and the Republican nomination for Governor of Oregon in 2010. He also served as Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party from January 2011 to February 2013.

  20. Alyssa LaRoche

    Alyssa LaRoche


    Alyssa LaRoche (born 1979 in Manchester, New Hampshire) is the owner of Aimee Weber Studio Inc., and the person in control of the Second Life Resident Aimee Weber, for which her company is named.

  21. Amol Sarva

    Amol Sarva


    Dr. Amol Sarva is an American mobile entrepreneur and technology policy advocate.

  22. An Wang

    An Wang

    American businessman

  23. Anand Rajaraman

    Anand Rajaraman

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    Anand Rajaraman is a Web and technology entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Cambrian Ventures and Kosmix. Rajaraman also co-founded former Junglee Corp. and played a significant role at in the late 1990s.

  24. Andrea Cunningham

    Andrea Cunningham


    Andrea "Andy" Cunningham is a serial entrepreneur who founded Cunningham Communication, Inc., widely regarded as one of the top public relations firms for Silicon Valley high-tech companies in the 1980s and 1990s. During the time she led Cunningham Communication, she was so well known that her business card just said "Andy". She is currently the President of SeriesC, a marketing and brand consultancy.

  25. Andrei Broder

    Andrei Broder

    American, Scientist

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