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  1. Daniel Lioneye

    Daniel Lioneye


    Daniel Lioneye is a side project band from the popular Finnish group HIM. Early on, the band produced hard rock with blues-based guitar solos throughout. The band Daniel Lioneye is made from the alterego name of HIM's guitarist Linde.

  2. Janne Puurtinen

    Janne Puurtinen


    Janne Johannes Puurtinen, better known as Emerson Burton, is the current keyboard-player in the Finnish rock band, HIM. He was born 17 October 1974, in Helsinki. Burton made his second debut as a temporary member of the band at the concert arranged at the Semifinal Club on 12 January 2001. This was to give the keyboarder the chance to appear in a low key environment before the tour dates in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark later that month. Burton described playing with HIM as "really easy and comfortable" as his bandmates helped him to learn the set. He was asked to become a full time member at the end of January 2001. He was friends with other members of the band while at school but did not join their band immediately. Instead, he went on to study music at a higher level and is now classically trained. Burton's influences include Tchaikovsky, Michael Jackson, and Pink Floyd.

  3. Mika Karppinen

    Mika Karppinen


    Mika Kristian Karppinen, better known as Gas Lipstick (born 8 February 1971), is currently the drummer for the rock band HIM. He is also the drummer of Finnish deathgrind band To Separate the Flesh from the Bones, punk band Ääritila and metal band Bendover. He also was a drum tech for Stratovarius at one point and was on the Stratovarius DVD for a couple of parts. Rare known fact is that Gas was session drummer for one tour of Finnish band named Tarot (known as project band of Marco Hietala - Nightwish). Gas's first more known band before he joined HIM was Kyyria, including two band members Santeri Kallio and Niclas Etelävuori from well known Finnish band Amorphis and singer Ville Tuomi of Suburban Tribe. He sang and played guitar in a Thrash Metal band called Dementia, including guitarist Roope Latvala of Children Of Bodom. In March, 2011 game company SongHi released internet music game with Gas's drum loops.

  4. Ville Valo

    Ville Valo

    Singer, songwriter, drummer and guitarist

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