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  1. A Patch of Blue

    A Patch of Blue (1965)


    A Patch of Blue is a 1965 American drama film directed by Guy Green about the relationship between a black man, Gordon (played by Sidney Poitier), and a blind white female teenager, Selina (Elizabeth Hartman), and the problems that plague their relationship when they fall in love in a racially divided America. Made in 1965 against the backdrop of the growing civil rights movement, the film explores racism from the perspective of "love is blind."

  2. Always

    Always (2011)


    Always (Hangul: 오직 그대만; RR: Ohjik Geudaeman; MR: Ochik kŭtaeman; lit. Only You) is a South Korean film directed by Song Il-gon. Starring So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo in the lead roles, it is about a romance between an ex-boxer who has closed his heart to the world and a telemarketer who remains spirited despite slowly going blind.

  3. Antoine

    Antoine (2008)


    Antoine is an 82-minutes 2008 Canadian documentary film directed by Laura Bari. The film features a 5-year old blind kid named Antoine Houang. living in Montreal. It tells the real and imaginary life of Antoine, a boy detective who runs, drives, makes decisions, hosts radio shows and adores simultaneous telephone conversations. Over the course of two years, he uses a mini-boom microphone to discover and capture the sounds surrounding him. In this manner he also co-created the sound track of this film.

  4. At First Sight

    At First Sight (1999)


    At First Sight is a 1999 American film starring Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino, based on the essay "To See and Not See" in neurologist Oliver Sacks' book An Anthropologist on Mars and inspired by the true life story of Shirl Jennings.

  5. Athlete

    Athlete (2010)


    Athlete (also styled as ATHLETE) is a 2010 sports documentary film directed, edited and produced by Dave Lam that examines the popularity of endurance sports through the profiles of four individuals – a cancer survivor, a blind senior citizen and twin sisters – who compete in marathons and triathlons. The film was released on DVD and video on demand on March 9, 2010.

  6. Be with Me

    Be with Me (2005)


    Be with Me is a 2005 Singaporean drama film directed by Eric Khoo. The film is inspired by the life of deaf-and-blind teacher Theresa Poh Lin Chan. It premiered as the Director's Fortnight selection in the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. It was also the official entry from Singapore for the 78th Academy Awards in the foreign language category. In December 2005, the Academy body disqualified the film on grounds that the dialogue is mainly in English. Out of 93 minutes, the film only has two and a half minutes of dialogue.

  7. Bian zou bian chang

    Bian zou bian chang (1991)


    Life on a String (simplified Chinese: 边走边唱; traditional Chinese: 邊走邊唱; pinyin: Biān zǒu biān chàng; literally: "Walking and singing at the same time") is a 1991 Chinese film by acclaimed film director Chen Kaige. Made before his international breakthrough Farewell, My Concubine, Life on a String is a more intimate and philosophical affair, telling the story of a blind sanxian player and his young disciple. The film was based on the novel by Shi Tiesheng. The film was entered into the 1991 Cannes Film Festival.

  8. Black Sun

    Black Sun (2005)


    Black Sun is a documentary film directed by Gary Tarn. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005.

  9. Blades of Blood

    Blades of Blood (2010)


    Blades of Blood (Hangul: 구름 을 벗어난 달처럼; RR: Gureumeul Beoseonan Dalcheoreom; lit. "Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds") is a 2010 South Korean action drama film directed by Lee Joon-ik. The film is based on Park Heung-yong's graphic novel Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds.

  10. Blind

    Blind (2007)


    Blind is a 2007 Dutch drama film written and directed by Tamar van den Dop, and starring Joren Seldeslachts, Halina Reijn and Katelijne Verbeke. The film follows a story of two loving couples, an albino woman and a blind man.

  11. Blind

    Blind (2011)


    Blind (Hangul: 블라인드; RR: Beulraindeu) is a 2011 South Korean crime thriller film directed by Ahn Sang-Hoon and starring Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho in the lead roles. Kim received Best Actress honors at the 48th Grand Bell Awards and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards for her performance.

  12. Blind Date

    Blind Date (1984)


    Blind Date, also known as Deadly Seduction, is a 1984 independent thriller by B-film maker Nico Mastorakis. It stars Kirstie Alley and Joseph Bottoms. Marina Sirtis and Valeria Golino, who would both go on to greater fame, and Lana Clarkson, murdered by Phil Spector in 2003, also appear in the film.

  13. Blind Dating

    Blind Dating (2006)


    Blind Dating (also known as Blind Guy Driving) is a 2006 romantic comedy film directed by James Keach and starring Chris Pine, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Anjali Jay, Jane Seymour, and Jayma Mays. The movie is produced by David Shanks and James Keach and is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films LLC.

  14. Blind Fury

    Blind Fury (1989)


    Blind Fury is a 1989 American samurai/action film written by Charles Robert Carner (of Gymkata fame) and directed by Phillip Noyce. It is a loosely based, modernized version of Zatoichi Challenged, the 17th film in the Japanese Zatoichi film series. The film stars Rutger Hauer as Nick Parker, a blind, sword-wielding Vietnam War veteran, who returns to the United States and befriends the son of an old friend. Parker decides to help the boy find his father, who has been kidnapped by a major crime syndicate.

  15. Blind Young Things

    Blind Young Things (2007)


    Blind Young Things is a 2007 British documentary about students at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. The film was shown on Channel 4 as part of the Cutting Edge documentary strand, and aired on 30 April 2007. The film won a Royal Television Society award for Channel Four and the Cutting Edge team in 2008.

  16. Blindness

    Blindness (2008)


    Blindness is a 2008 English-language film that is an adaptation of the 1995 novel Blindness by the Portuguese writer José Saramago about a society suffering an epidemic of blindness. The film was written by Don McKellar and directed by Fernando Meirelles with Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo as the main characters. Saramago originally refused to sell the rights for a film adaptation, but the producers were able to acquire it with the condition that the film would be set in an unnamed and unrecognizable city. Blindness premiered as the opening film at the Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2008, and the film was released in the United States on October 3, 2008.

  17. Blindsight

    Blindsight (2006)


    Blindsight is a 2006 documentary film directed by Lucy Walker and produced by Sybil Robson Orr for Robson Entertainment. It premiered at 2006 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in the category Real to Reel.

  18. Blink

    Blink (1994)


    Blink is a 1994 neo-noir thriller film starring Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn. Director Michael Apted was nominated for a Crystal Globe award for the film at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and screenwriter Dana Stevens was nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Edgar Allan Poe Awards. Emmy Award-winning actress Laurie Metcalf also had a role in the film. Chicago rock band The Drovers played a support role as themselves, contributing three songs to the soundtrack. Stowe's character, Emma, is a fiddler in the group. Some scenes were filmed in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

  19. Bright Victory

    Bright Victory (1951)


    Bright Victory is a 1951 film, adapted by Robert Buckner from Baynard Kendrick's novel Lights Out. It was directed by Mark Robson, and it stars Arthur Kennedy, Peggy Dow, Julia Adams, James Edwards, Will Geer, Nana Bryant, Jim Backus, Richard Egan, and Rock Hudson.

  20. Butterflies Are Free

    Butterflies Are Free (1972)


    Butterflies Are Free is a 1972 film based on the play by Leonard Gershe. The 1972 film was produced by M.J. Frankovich, released by Columbia Pictures, directed by Milton Katselas and adapted for the screen by Gershe. It was released on 6 July 1972 in the USA.

  21. ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2

    ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)


    ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 is a 2011 horror film written and directed by Robert Green Hall, and co-written by Kevin Bocarde. It is the sequel to 2009 film Laid to Rest.

  22. Beyond the Years

    Beyond the Years (2007)


    Beyond the Years (천년학 - Cheon-nyeon-hak) is a 2007 South Korean drama film. Celebrated director Im Kwon-taek's 100th film, it is based on the short fiction "The Wanderer of Seonhak-dong" by Lee Cheong-jun, and was presented at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival. Despite being an informal sequel to Im's phenomenally successful Sopyonje (1993), Beyond the Years was not popular with Korean audiences.

  23. City Lights

    City Lights (1931)


    City Lights is a 1931 American romantic comedy film written by, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin. The story follows the misadventures of Chaplin's Tramp as he falls in love with a blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) and develops a turbulent friendship with an alcoholic millionaire (Harry Myers).

  24. Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark (2000)


    Dancer in the Dark is a 2000 Danish musical drama film directed by Lars von Trier and starring Icelandic singer Björk, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Cara Seymour, Peter Stormare, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, and Joel Grey. The soundtrack for the film, released as the album Selmasongs, was written mainly by Björk, but a number of songs featured contributions from Mark Bell and the lyrics were by von Trier and Sjón. Three songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music were also used in the film.

  25. Daredevil

    Daredevil (2003)


    Daredevil is a 2003 American superhero film written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, the film stars Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and out of the courtroom as the masked vigilante Daredevil. Jennifer Garner plays his love interest Elektra Natchios; Colin Farrell plays the merciless assassin Bullseye; David Keith plays Jack "The Devil" Murdock, a washed up fighter who is Matt's father; and Michael Clarke Duncan plays Wilson Fisk, also known as the crime lord Kingpin.

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