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  1. Miguel de Unamuno

    Miguel de Unamuno

    author and philosopher

  2. Adolfo Moran

    Adolfo Moran

    Spanish, Architect

  3. Franciscus Toletus

    Franciscus Toletus


    Franciscus Toletus (Francisco de Toledo Herrara) (1532–1596) was a Spanish Jesuit theologian, Biblical exegete and the first Jesuit Cardinal.

  4. Sebastián de Vivanco

    Sebastián de Vivanco

    Spanish priest and composer

  5. Alfonso Falero

    Alfonso Falero

    Spanish, Scientist

  6. Juan Martínez de Ripalda

    Juan Martínez de Ripalda


    Juan Martínez de Ripalda (b. at Pamplona, Navarre, 1594; d. at Madrid, 26 April 1648) was a Spanish Jesuit theologian.

  7. David Aja

    David Aja

    Spanish comic book artist

  8. Olegario González de Cardedal

    Olegario González de Cardedal


  9. Francisco de Salinas

    Francisco de Salinas

    Spanish, Musician

  10. Francesc Xavier Butinyà i Hospital

    Francesc Xavier Butinyà i Hospital

    Spanish Jesuit priest and founder

  11. Luis de León

    Luis de León

    Spanish, Writer

  12. Abraham Skorka

    Abraham Skorka

    Argentine biophysicist, rabbi and author

  13. Bartolomé de Medina

    Bartolomé de Medina


    Bartolomé de Medina, Spanish theologian and mining specialist, was born in Medina, Spain in 1527. A member of the Dominican Order and a student of Francisco de Vitoria, he was professor of theology at the University of Salamanca and a member of the School of Salamanca. He is best known as the originator of the doctrine of probabilism in moral theology, which holds that one may follow a course of action that has some probability, even if the opposite is more probable. He died at Salamanca in 1581.

  14. Lope de Barrientos

    Lope de Barrientos


    Lope de Barrientos (Medina del Campo, Spain, 1382 – Cuenca, Spain, 1469), sometimes called Obispo Barrientos ("Bishop Barrientos"), was a powerful clergyman and statesman of the Crown of Castile during the 15th century, although his prominence and the influence he wielded during his lifetime is not well-represented in Spanish history.

  15. Francisco de Vitoria

    Francisco de Vitoria


    Francisco de Vitoria, OP (Francisco de Victoria; c. 1492 – 12 August 1546) was a Spanish Renaissance Roman Catholic philosopher, theologian and jurist, founder of the tradition in philosophy known as the School of Salamanca, noted especially for his contributions to the theory of just war and international law. He is considered by some scholars the "father of international law", though most reject this view. Pagden's introduction to the Cambridge edition of Vitoria's Political Writings, for instance, argues 'uch a notion is anachronistic, since the concept of an "international law" has its origins in the "modern" natural-law theorists, notably Hugo Grotius, Samuel Pufendorf, and John Selden...Vitoria's account of the ius gentium, furthermore, occupies only a small part of his total work, and is not entirely consistent.' Because of Vitoria's conception of a "republic of the whole world" (res publica totius orbis) he recently has been labeled "founder of global political philosophy".

  16. Hernán Núñez

    Hernán Núñez

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    Spanish, Writer

  17. Stuart J. Youngner

    Stuart J. Youngner

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    Stuart J. Youngner is Susan E. Watson Professor of Bioethics, Professor of Psychiatry, Professor of Medicine, and Chair of the Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

  18. Diego de Covarubias y Leyva

    Diego de Covarubias y Leyva

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    Diego de Covarubias y Leyva or Covarruvias (1512–1577) was a Spanish jurist and bishop of Segovia.

  19. Isaac Orobio de Castro

    Isaac Orobio de Castro

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    Balthazar (Isaac) Orobio de Castro (c.1617 – November 7, 1687), was a Jewish philosopher, physician and apologist, born at Bragança, Portugal.

  20. Luis Gabriel Portillo

    Luis Gabriel Portillo

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    Spanish, Politician

  21. Alfonso de Castro

    Alfonso de Castro

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    Alfonso de Castro (1495, Zamora, Spain – February 11, 1558, Brussels, Belgium), known also as Alphonsus a Castro, was a Franciscan theologian and jurist. He belongs to the group of theologian-jurists known as the School of Salamanca (otherwise identified as Spanish Late Scholasticism).

  22. Francisco Zumel

    Francisco Zumel

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    Spanish, Philosopher

  23. Patrick Curtis

    Patrick Curtis

    Archbishop of Armagh

  24. Turibius of Mongrovejo

    Turibius of Mongrovejo


    Turibius of Mongrovejo (or Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo) (16 November 1538 – 23 March 1606) was a Spanish judge of the court of the Spanish Inquisition and missionary Archbishop of Lima from the Spanish nobility.

  25. Pedro Abarca

    Pedro Abarca


    Pedro Abarca (1619 – 1 October 1693) was a Jesuit theologian.

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