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  1. 7 And 7 Is

    7 And 7 Is (1994)


    "7 and 7 Is" is a song written by Arthur Lee and recorded by his band Love on June 20, 1966, at Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood. It was produced by Jac Holzman and engineered by Bruce Botnick.

  2. Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper

    American singer

  3. Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare

    Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (1975)


    Welcome to My Nightmare is a 1976 music concert film of Alice Cooper's show of the same name, produced, directed and choreographed by David Winters. The film accompanied the album, the stage show (also produced, directed and choreographed by Winters) by the same name and the TV special Alice Cooper: The Nightmare, the first ever rock music video album, starring Cooper and Vincent Price in person. Though it failed at the box office, it later became a midnight movie favorite and a cult classic.

  4. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

    Alice Cooper Goes to Hell


    Alice Cooper Goes to Hell is the ninth studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1976. A continuation of Welcome to My Nightmare as it continues the story of Steven, this concept album was written almost exclusively by Cooper with guitar player Dick Wagner and producer Bob Ezrin.

  5. Along Came A Spider

    Along Came A Spider (2010)


    Along Came a Spider is Alice Cooper's 25th studio album, released in July 2008 by Steamhammer/SPV. It was Cooper's highest-charting album in the US since Hey Stoopid in 1991.

  6. Bed of Nails

    Bed of Nails (1989)


    "Bed of Nails" is a 1989 single by American rock singer Alice Cooper featuring singer/guitarist Kane Roberts, taken from the hit album Trash. It is the second highest charting single from the album (the first being "Poison"), achieving No. 38 in the UK, although the single was not released in the US. The other three singles taken from Trash are "Poison", "House of Fire" and "Only My Heart Talkin'". "Bed of Nails" was written by Cooper, Desmond Child, Roberts and Diane Warren.

  7. Billion Dollar Babies

    Billion Dollar Babies (2005)


    Billion Dollar Babies is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band Alice Cooper, released in 1973. The album became the best selling Alice Cooper record at the time of its release, hit number one on the album charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and went on to be certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The album was well received by such critics as Robert Christgau, Greg Prato of allmusic, and Jason Thompson of popmatters, but Rolling Stone gave the album only two and a half stars.

  8. Bob Kulick

    Bob Kulick

    American musician

  9. Brutal Planet

    Brutal Planet (2000)


    Brutal Planet is the 21st studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 2000. Musically, this finds Alice tackling a much darker and heavier approach than on previous albums, with many songs approaching a somewhat modern-sounding, industrial/metal sound. Lyrically, it's a concept album that deals with themes of dark "social fiction", including domestic violence ("Take It Like a Woman"), prejudice ("Blow Me a Kiss"), psychopathic behavior ("It's the Little Things"), war ("Pick Up the Bones") and school shootings ("Wicked Young Man"). The album was followed by a sequel Dragontown.

  10. Chuck Garric

    Chuck Garric


    Chuck Garric is a rock bassist who has played with Turd, The Druts, L.A. Guns, Dio, and Eric Singer Project (ESP). Chuck Garric is the current bassist for Alice Cooper.

  11. Constrictor

    Constrictor (1992)


    Constrictor is the sixteenth studio album by rock musician Alice Cooper released on September 22, 1986. After retiring from the music industry after the release of DaDa, Cooper remained in seclusion for three years. He starred in Monster Dog, a horror film for which he wrote two songs. He also guest starred on the Twisted Sister track "Be Chrool to Your Scuel". It was Alice Cooper's first record to feature bass playing from Kip Winger, who would later gain great fame with his own band, Winger.

  12. DaDa

    DaDa (1983)


    DaDa is the fifteenth studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1983. DaDa would be Cooper’s last album until his sober re-emergence in 1986 with the album Constrictor. The album’s theme is ambiguous, however, ongoing themes in the songs’ lyrics suggest that the main character in question suffers from mental illness, resulting in the creation of many different personalities. The album alludes strongly to the dadaist movement: its cover was based on a painting by Salvador Dalí titled “Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire”.

  13. Damon Johnson

    Damon Johnson

    American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter

  14. Davey Johnstone

    Davey Johnstone

    British musician

  15. Dee Murray

    Dee Murray

    English bassist

  16. Dennis Dunaway

    Dennis Dunaway

    American musician

  17. Derek Sherinian

    Derek Sherinian

    American keyboardist

  18. Dick Wagner

    Dick Wagner

    American musician

  19. Dragontown

    Dragontown (2001)


    Dragontown is the 22nd studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 2001. Like Brutal Planet, the album displays a heavier style than many of his previous releases. The album peaked on Billboard's "Top Independent Albums" Chart at #12, and the Billboard 200 at #197, his lowest album chart performance since 1983’s DaDa, which didn't chart at all.

  20. Easy Action

    Easy Action (1970)


    Easy Action is the second studio album by the Alice Cooper band, released by Straight Records in March 1970. The title comes from a line in the musical film West Side Story, which was one of the band's favorite films. As with Pretties For You, the band's debut from the previous year, Easy Action was neither a commercial nor critical success.

  21. Eric Dover

    Eric Dover

    American musician

  22. Eric Singer

    Eric Singer

    American drummer

  23. From The Inside

    From The Inside (1978)


    From the Inside is the 11th studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1978. It is a concept album about Cooper's stay in a New York sanitarium due to his alcoholism. Each of the characters in the songs were based on actual people Cooper met in the sanitarium. With this album, he saw the addition of three former members of the Elton John band: lyricist Bernie Taupin, guitarist Davey Johnstone and bassist Dee Murray.

  24. Glen Buxton

    Glen Buxton

    American musician

  25. Halo of Flies

    Halo of Flies (2001)


    "Halo of Flies" is a 1973 single by rock band Alice Cooper taken from their 1971 album Killer. The single was only released in the Netherlands, two years after the song appeared on the album. The song was, according to Cooper's liner notes in the compilation The Definitive Alice Cooper, an attempt by the band to prove that they could perform King Crimson-like progressive rock suites, and was supposedly about a spy organisation.

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