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  1. Adam Bajalics von Bajahaza

    Adam Bajalics von Bajahaza


    Adam Bajalics von Bajaháza, also Adam Bajalić von Bajaházy or Adam Bayalitsch, (1734 - 5 June 1800) entered Austrian military service and fought against Prussia, Ottoman Turkey, and France. During the 1796-1797 Italian campaign against Napoleon Bonaparte, he commanded a brigade or a division in several actions.

  2. Albert Gyulai

    Albert Gyulai

    Hungarian, Military

  3. Albrecht Besserer von Thalfingen

    Albrecht Besserer von Thalfingen

    German general

  4. Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov

    Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov

    Russian General

  5. Alexander Abercromby (British Army officer)

    Alexander Abercromby (British Army officer)

    Army officer

  6. Alexander George Woodford

    Alexander George Woodford

    British Army general

  7. Alois von Gavasini

    Alois von Gavasini


    Alois Graf von Gavasini (1762 – 28 November 1834) led a combat brigade in the armies of Habsburg Austria and the Austrian Empire during a remarkable number of battles in the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars. A native of Bonn, he offered his services to Austria and won an award for bravery in 1790. While a field officer in the Italian campaign, he led the rear guard at Primolano in September 1796. Badly outnumbered by the French, he and his soldiers put up a vigorous fight until he was wounded and captured. At Arcole in November 1796, he commanded a brigade on the field of battle against Napoleon Bonaparte's French army. Promoted to general officer in the spring of 1800, he led a powerful brigade at Hohenlinden during that year's fall campaign in Bavaria. Though the battle ended in a decisive defeat, Gavasini's troops fought well before being forced to retreat. The 1805 campaign in Italy found him directing a reserve brigade at Caldiero. After briefly retiring, the warrior returned to lead a brigade at the battles of Sacile, Piave River, and Graz during the 1809 war. That year he retired from the army and did not return.

  8. Andreas O'Reilly von Ballinlough

    Andreas O'Reilly von Ballinlough

    Austrian general

  9. Andrew Barnard

    Andrew Barnard

    British Army general

  10. Anton Lehár

    Anton Lehár

    Hungarian, Business

  11. Anton Lipthay de Kisfalud

    Anton Lipthay de Kisfalud


    Anton Lipthay de Kisfalud (1745 – 17 February 1800), also Anton Liptai or Anton Liptay, served in the Austrian army, attained general officer rank, and fought in several battles against the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolutionary Wars.

  12. Anton von Zach

    Anton von Zach

    Austrian general

  13. Archduke Friedrich of Austria (1821–1847)

    Archduke Friedrich of Austria (1821–1847)

    1 view

    Archduke Friedrich Ferdinand Leopold of Austria (German: Erzherzog Friedrich Ferdinand Leopold von Österreich) (14 May 1821 – 5 October 1847) was a member of the House of Habsburg and Commander-in-Chief of the Austrian Navy.

  14. Armand von Nordmann

    Armand von Nordmann

    1 view
    French, Military

  15. August von Vécsey

    August von Vécsey

    1 view
    Austro-Hungarian general

  16. Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski

    Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski

    Polish general and politician

  17. Charles I of Austria

    Charles I of Austria

    Austro-Hungarian emperor

  18. Charles John Napier

    Charles John Napier

    Royal Navy admiral

  19. Charles Marie Raymond d'Arenberg

    Charles Marie Raymond d'Arenberg


    Charles Marie Raymond d'Arenberg (Enghien, 1 April 1721  – Enghien, 17 August 1778) was the fifth Duke of Arenberg, 11th Duke of Aarschot and an Austrian Field Marshal.

  20. Christoph Karl von Piacsek

    Christoph Karl von Piacsek


    Christoph Karl von Piacsek was an Hungarian officer in Habsburg military service during the French Revolutionary Wars. He was born in 1749 in Klobusics (cz: Klobusic; hu: Klobušice) , in the commune of Trencsén, in the Kingdom of Hungary. As a Rittmeister, or captain of cavalry, in the 9th Hussar Regiment, he received the Knight's Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa in 1789, after combat in Tabor during Austria's wars with the Ottoman Empire, and, as a colonel, commanded the 9th Hussars, 1793–1797. In 1793, during the War of the First Coalition, the 9th Hussars were part of the Army of the Rhine (Austrian), and participated in the skirmishes at Offenbach, Knittelsbach, and Otterheim, and, later, at the storming of the Wissembourg line at Lauffenberg. Following this action, Piacsek, Major Baron von Szoreyny, and several other officers were honored.

  21. Christopher Cole (Royal Navy officer)

    Christopher Cole (Royal Navy officer)

    British Royal Navy officer

  22. Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser

    Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser


    Dagobert Sigismund, Count Wurmser (7 May 1724 – 22 August 1797) was an Austrian field marshal during the French Revolutionary Wars. Although he fought in the Seven Years War, the War of the Bavarian Succession, and mounted several successful campaigns in the Rhineland in the initial years of the French Revolutionary Wars, he is probably most remembered for his unsuccessful operations against Napoleon Bonaparte during the 1796 campaign in Italy.

  23. Daniel Mécsery

    Daniel Mécsery


    Daniel Mécsery de Tsoor (29 September 1759 – 30 December 1823) commanded the left wing of the Austrian army at the Battle of Raab during the Napoleonic Wars. In the early part of the French Revolutionary Wars, he served as an officer in a hussar regiment, distinguishing himself at Biberach in 1796 and rising to command the unit in 1798. Promoted to general officer in 1800, he led the advance guard at Hohenlinden and the rear guard at Lambach. In 1805 he led his troops at Elchingen. He was elevated in rank to Feldmarschall-Leutnant in 1809. From 1809 to 1814 he held military positions in the interior and died at Vienna in 1823.

  24. Duke Ferdinand Frederick Augustus of Württemberg

    Duke Ferdinand Frederick Augustus of Württemberg


    Duke Ferdinand Frederick Augustus of Württemberg (22 October 1763 – 20 January 1834) was the fifth son of Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg and a Habsburg Austrian general during the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars. As a high-ranking nobleman, he started his military career as an Oberstleutnant in 1781. Promoted to General-major in 1788, he fought at Belgrade during the Austro-Turkish War. During the War of the First Coalition he led his troops at Neerwinden and was in command of the successful Siege of Condé in 1793.

  25. Edmund Prince of Schwarzenberg

    Edmund Prince of Schwarzenberg

    1 view

    Edmund Leopold Friedrich, Prince of Schwarzenberg (Vienna, November 18, 1803 - Orlík Castle November 17, 1873) was the last created Austrian Field marshal of the 19th century.

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Military Order of Maria Theresa recipients
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