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  1. A Celebration - The Music Of Pete Townshend And The Who

    A Celebration - The Music Of Pete Townshend And The Who (1998)


    A Celebration: The Music of Pete Townshend and The Who, also known as Daltrey Sings Townshend, is a music event and later album documenting a two-night concert at Carnegie Hall in 1994. It broke Carnegie Hall's two day box office gross record, and was the fastest sell-out in the historic venue's history. The concert also raised money for Columbia Presbyterian Babies Hospital. This event was produced by Richard Flanzer and Roger Daltrey of English rock band The Who in celebration of his fiftieth birthday. The Who's music was arranged for orchestra by Michael Kamen, who directed The Juilliard Orchestra for the event. Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Eddie Vedder, Sinéad O'Connor, Lou Reed, David Sanborn, Alice Cooper, Linda Perry, The Chieftains and others performed as special guests.

  2. Best Bits

    Best Bits (1982)


    Best Bits is a compilation album released by Roger Daltrey in March 1982 in USA and under the title The Best of Roger Daltrey in Europe in 1981. It was released on MCA 5301, Canada, and the album reached #185 in the U.S. charts. The tracks "Martyrs And Madmen" and "Treachery" were previously unreleased. The compilation and additional remixing were done by Jon Astley and Phil Chapman.

  3. British Rock Symphony

    British Rock Symphony


    The British Rock Symphony was a tour that featured classic rock hits presented by a gospel choir, a full orchestra and vocalists including: Roger Daltrey, Darlene Love, Nikki Lamborn, Alice Cooper, Paul Young, Simon Townshend and Gary Brooker. Geoff Whitehorn played guitar and Zak Starkey performed on drums. Studio recordings were issued on CD and cassette tape in 1999, and a video of live recordings from the tour in both VHS and DVD formats was issued in 2000. Eric Clapton and Ann Wilson appeared on the CD, but were not present on the tour DVD.

  4. Buddy's Song

    Buddy's Song (1991)


  5. Can't Wait to See the Movie

    Can't Wait to See the Movie (2004)


    Can't Wait to See the Movie is the seventh solo studio album by Roger Daltrey, the lead vocalist for The Who. The album was released in mid 1987 on the Atlantic labels in the United States and the United Kingdom, and was produced by Alan Shacklock, David Foster, Chas Sanford and Jimmy Scott. Daltrey is credited as co-writer on the tracks "Balance on Wires" and "Take Me Home". David Foster co-wrote the track, "The Price of Love", which was also featured in the 1987 movie, The Secret of My Success starring Michael J. Fox. The film's title is sometimes stylized as "The Secret of My Succe$s".

  6. Daltrey

    Daltrey (2006)


    Daltrey is the debut solo album by The Who's lead singer, Roger Daltrey which is the third member to make a solo album. It was first released in 1973. The album took six weeks to record during January and February 1973. Sessions took place at Daltrey's Barn Studio, Burwash, East Sussex, where the backing tracks were laid down; vocals, overdubs, and mixing were completed at The Beatles' Apple Studios at 3 Savile Row (the vocals for "One Man Band (reprise)" were recorded on the Apple rooftop, where The Beatles had performed their famous final concert in January 1969), and at Nova Sound Studios.

  7. Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula

    Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (2000)


    Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (alternately titled Dracula: The Dark Prince and Dark Prince: Legend of Dracula) is a horror-war television film, which premiered in the United States on the USA Network on Halloween, October 31, 2000. It is about Vlad III Dracula, "the Impaler", the historical figure who gave Bram Stoker's Dracula his name.

  8. Days of Light

    Days of Light (1992)


    "'Days of Light'" is a song by Roger Daltrey from his eighth and final solo album Rocks in the Head The song was written by Daltrey and Gerard McMahon, and features lyrics about looking forward to the week-end. According to Daltrey, the song was inspired by his early career as a worker in a sheet-metal factory.

  9. Don Snow

    Don Snow


  10. Frank Simes

    Frank Simes

    AMerican musician

  11. Free Me

    Free Me (1980)


    "Free Me" is a song performed by Roger Daltrey, singer for English rock band The Who. The song is on Roger Daltrey's solo album McVicar and McVicar film.

  12. Giving It All Away

    Giving It All Away (1973)


    "'Giving It All Away'" was a single release by Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of The Who. The song was written by the then unknown Leo Sayer with David Courtney. Adam Faith produced the track.

  13. Going Back Home

    Going Back Home (2014)


    Going Back Home is a collaborative studio album by former Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson and The Who lead vocalist Roger Daltrey. The album features ten original songs by Johnson and a cover of Bob Dylan's "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?".

  14. Johnny Was

    Johnny Was (2006)


    Johnny Was is an Irish/British gangster movie directed by Mark Hammond, written by Brendan Foley, and made in 2005 by Ben Katz Productions, Borderline Productions and Nordisk Film. It was released in the UK in 2006 by Sony Pictures and in the US by First Look Studios.

  15. Jon Button

    Jon Button


  16. Let Me Down Easy

    Let Me Down Easy (1985)


    "'Let Me Down Easy'" is a song by Roger Daltrey, Who at the time was the former lead singer of The Who. The song was written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance the track is included on Roger Daltrey's sixth solo album Under a Raging Moon as the first track on the second side of the LP, The album was a tribute to The Who's former drummer Keith Moon. The song was released as a single in 1985 on Atlantic Records.

  17. Lisztomania

    Lisztomania (1975)


    Lisztomania is a 1975 film by Ken Russell, drawn from a biography of Franz Liszt.

  18. Loren Gold

    Loren Gold


    Loren Gold is a Los Angeles-based keyboard player, composer and songwriter. Raised in Palo Alto, California, he has toured extensively since 2000 with various recording artists. Gold has been the touring keyboardist and vocalist for Roger Daltrey since 2009, and in 2012 began touring with The Who.

  19. Mack the Knife

    Mack the Knife (1989)


    Mack the Knife is a 1989 film adaptation of the 1928 Brecht/Weill musical The Threepenny Opera.

  20. Martyrs And Madmen: The Best Of Roger Daltrey

    Martyrs And Madmen: The Best Of Roger Daltrey (1997)


    Martyrs & Madmen: The Best of Roger Daltrey is a compilation album of Roger Daltrey recordings issued in 1997. The CD was released on Rhino Records R2 72846 USA.

  21. McVicar

    McVicar (1980)


    McVicar is a British drama film released in 1980 by The Who Films, Ltd., starring Roger Daltrey of The Who in the title role of John McVicar.

  22. McVicar

    McVicar (1905)


    McVicar is the fourth solo studio album by Roger Daltrey, the lead vocalist for The Who. It is also the soundtrack album for the film of the McVicar. The film was a bio-pic of the English bank robber John McVicar, it was produced by Daltrey and also featured him in the starring role as McVicar, himself. Because all of the then-members of The Who played on the album, it is often considered to be an unrecognized Who album although there was no participation by the band in the songwriting.

  23. No Plan B (band)

    No Plan B (band)


    No Plan B, also known as the Roger Daltrey Band, is a rock band assembled by The Who singer Roger Daltrey to support performances and tours outside of The Who. Daltrey's band includes Simon Townshend (brother of Pete Townshend) on guitar and vocals, Frank Simes on lead guitar, Jon Button on bass, Loren Gold on keyboards and Scott Devours on drums. Frank Simes is also Musical Director for the band. In an 2010 appearance on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Daltrey called the band No Plan B.

  24. Norman Watt-Roy

    Norman Watt-Roy

    English musician

  25. One Man Band

    One Man Band (1973)


    One Man Band is a song by The Who's lead singer, Roger Daltrey from his début solo album Daltrey. The song was written by David Courtney and Leo Sayer, and features Daltrey's Acoustic guitar strumming. According to Daltrey, it "reminiscences of Shepherd's Bush" (A place in west London where Daltrey had grown up and The Who were formed) and became one the albums highlights of the album, and later being released as a single in its own right in some European territories.

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