Top Celebrity Hookups of 2011

Hollywood cycles through hook-ups and bust-ups like there's no tomorrow. Trying to work out who is with who at any one time is sometimes challenging! And with hook-ups sometimes only lasting days and shrouded in mystery it really gets our gossip meter going! Hollie Woods, WDW Entertainment Reporter, looks at 2011's hottest hook-ups.
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Top Celebrity Hookups of 2011 - the complete list

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1. Taylor Swift and Garrett Hedlund 8,898 -
2. Jennifer Aniston and Justin TherouxIt will be great not to have to keep hearing "poor Jenn" whenever Jennifer Aniston is referred to. Ever since Aniston's marriage to Brad Pitt broke down and he moved on to Angelina Jolie and she moved on to... well no-one, people have always referred to the "sad" aspects of Aniston's life. Her career went from strength to strength and even though she couldn't find the right person to be with she was more beautiful than ever and confident... but we still kept referring to her as "poor Jenn". The romance with Theroux has moved quickly and it all started under a cloud of controversy (Theroux was apparently still with his ex at the time he hooked up with Aniston) so we aren't yet convinced that he is the right man for Aniston (and neither is Aniston's BF Courtney Cox). But at least now with Theroux by her side and looking so happy and in love... and with marriage on the cards it seems as though we can perhaps rest assured that Aniston has it all! 20,839 -
3. Nick Jonas and Delta GoodremMoving from a 30yr old recently divorced father of two to dating an 18yr old tween pop sensation is a big change. And it all happened in the space of a couple months! At first it seemed like a bit of a rebound romance for Goodrem - Jonas would have brought a lot of energy and fun into her life and been the change she needed after stressful times with Brian McFadden towards the end of their relationship. But it seems as though their relationship moved on to more serious things! There is a pretty big age difference between these two and let's face it dating an 18yr old who is not really old enough to know himself let alone be a part of serious relationship, does not bode well for Goodream. However, eight months down the track and these two are still going strong. 16,432 -
4. Justin Timberlake and Jessica BielThey hooked up, broke up and then re-hooked up... then in amongst all of that there were the controversies: "sexting" with Mila Kunis, "hook ups" with Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Olson and rumours that Timberlake cheated on Biel with Olivia Munn. With everything that has happened between these two in 2011 and all the "offs" and "ons" it seems at the close of the year they are still holding it together. Yes Timberlake is hot and talented and probably fun to be around - but with all this upheaval we don't know how much more Biel can take. And with her brother getting on 42,340 -
5. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra BullockWhen your ex approves of your new love then it must be a good sign right? Scarlett Johansson loved the idea of her ex Ryan Reynolds in a relationship with Sandra Bullock and she wasn't shy in saying so! Who knows what Jesse James though but then who cares what he has to say anyway! With Bullock coming out of a horrendous break up with her ex it was nice to see her having a bit of fun with Reynolds. The two are friends from way back and many suggest they are not dating but just spending more time together as Bullock recovers from her humiliation at the hands of her cheating husband. It's not 100% clear whether this relationship is a hook up or a friendship but there is enough evidence to suggest these two are more than just friends! 36,497 -
6. Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprioDiCaprio should be crowned the hook up king of 2011. He moved from blonde to blonde throughout the year and never settled for too long with any of them. Probably his longest encounter was with Lively and many of DiCaprio's friends and family were sure that she was "the one" but seems as though he can't be tamed so easily! Unfortunately as with many hook ups this one ended after five months of whirlwind romance filled exotic and glamorous trips around the world. 27,544 -
7. Ryan Gosling and Eva MendesFrom on-screen romance to real-life romance, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were heating things up in 2011. The two stars began dating earlier this year and spent Thanksgiving holiday in Paris together. Gosling has already started confiding in friends that he believes they will be together forever. He doesn’t take dating lightly and seems to really fall for the women he dates so we wouldn't be surprised if he is really serious about a long term future with Mendes. 80,471 -
8. Sean Penn and Scarlett JohanssonIt was weird and it was short lived - this hook up took many by surprise. Johansson had just come out of a divorce with Ryan Reynolds and Penn had been busy hitting the town with numerous women after the bust up of his 20yr marriage in 2009. It was hot and heavy with a rumoured move in by Johansson into Penn's multi million dollar seaside residence. But alas after just a few months it was all over. Rumoured reason for the split was that the 50-year-old actor broke it off with the much younger Johansson because he simply isn't interested in getting serious right now. 10,814 -
9. Emma Stone and Andrew GarfieldNot sure about this hook-up... We're sure they are both young and hot and recently single. We're sure they look awesome together and they are both fantastic people and very much deserve love. We're sure they belong together. We just aren't sure if its real or not? With both of these two having numerous projects to promote in 2011 and 2012 the timing of their hook-up seems a bit too convenient? What do you think? We hope its real because this couple look great together! 59,093 -
10. Ryan Reynolds and Blake LivelyBlake Lively has been busy in 2011. She's moved from Ryan Gosling, to Leonardo DiCaprio and onto another hot Ryan... this time Reynolds! And here we thought that Reynolds was hooked up with Sandra Bullock? It's all a bit confusing really. For now there hasn't been any real confirmation these two are heating things up other than a friendship although the cosiness between them suggests they are more than friends. We will have to wait and see what goes down in 2012 - will Bullock or Lively get their man? 65,832 -
11. Emma Watson and Johnny SimmonsShe has complained that men find her intimidating... and why wouldn't they. She is beautiful, smart, funny and so very very popular! But now it seems Emma Watson has finally found someone that can handle her fame and popularity! After previously denying they were a couple Watson and Simmons were spotted kissing in Los Angeles in August this year. Simmons co-stars with Watson in the upcoming drama The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. 17,617 -
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