Best Dressed Couples

All the individuals in this list are fashionable in their own right but as couples they blow us away with their style and sophistication.

Hollie Woods, WDW Entertainment Reporter, looks at the couples that made the red carpet rock in 2011.
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Best Dressed Couples - the complete list

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1. Colin Firth and Livia GuiggioliThis couple married since 1997 still managed to heat up any event in styles that ooze sophistication and class. When younger couples around them seem to lose the fashion plot, Colin and Livia always manage to bring class and good solid style to the red carpet. 4,121 -
2. Nina Dobrev and Ian SomerhalderThese two are sizzling. The sophistication and style they display is well beyond their years. For a long time these two refused to acknowledge their relationship by walking the red carpet together - now they are it makes us wonder if they should be... we think they are way too good looking to be seen at the one time! 634,643 -
3. Mark Wahlberg and Rhea DurhamCan you believe that Rhea is the mother of Mark's three kids. She gives new meaning to "Hot Mama"! And with Mark always looking dapper they make a fine looking couple. 14,343 -
4. Heidi Klum and SealOccasionally these two get it wrong (but hell they still look hot anyway) but this year it was more right than anything else. A highlight was their Emmy ensemble that made them stand out as two of the hottest people on earth. 10,255 -
5. Matthew McConaughey and Camilla AlvesHe's is hot (well more so with his shirt off!) and she designs handbags - together they look awesome! Highlight was their dress sense on the Oscar's red carpet. She looked so sophisticated in a sexy necklined black dress and he looked suave in a nice and simple black suit. 12,791 -
6. Natalie Portman and Benjamin MillepiedNot only do they dress well but they are so sweet with one another. The looks they were giving each other at this year's Oscars would melt anyone's heart. They were also touted as one of the best dressed couples at the awards. Classic couple! 13,386 -
7. Anna Faris and Chris PrattThey make us laugh on TV and in the movies but there's no laughing at their fasion sense. Highlight of the year were their Emmy's Awards outfits. Spectacular! 7,825 -
8. Matt Prokop and Sarah HylandThis "Modern Family" star and her long-time boyfriend always bring the goods. She specialises in looking beautiful and he's always looking pretty sharp. For a couple so young they have the fashion thing all worked out! 23,775 -
9. Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerThese two are used to wearing not that much on their hit vampire show "True Blood" but when they come out to partake of more human type activities they know how to work the red carpet. Anna knows how to dress to flaunt her fabulous body and all Stephen needs to do is don a nice suit and he completes their look nicely. 17,649 -
10. Emily Blunt and John KrasinskiYou'd think after her time on "The Devil Wears Prada" Emily would know a thing or two about fashion - and she does, and so does her husband "The Office" star John Krasinski. The two are always looking schmick in great designs. They make such a great couple. 9,737 -
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