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  1. Cracker (UK TV series)

    Cracker (UK TV series)

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  2. Heartbeat (UK TV series)

    Heartbeat (UK TV series)

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  3. Midsomer Murders

    Midsomer Murders

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  4. Inspector Morse

    Inspector Morse

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  5. Sherlock (TV series)

    Sherlock (TV series)

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  6. Sherlock Holmes television series

    Sherlock Holmes television series

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  7. Waking the Dead (TV series) 26 views

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  1. 13 Steps Down

    13 Steps Down (2012)


    Thirteen Steps Down is a 2012 two part television thriller based on the novel by Ruth Rendell first broadcast by ITV.

  2. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    24 Hours in Police Custody (2014)


    24 Hours in Police Custody is a 2014 British documentary television series shown on Channel 4. It follows Bedfordshire Police as they investigate cases.

  3. A Mind to Kill

    A Mind to Kill (1994)


    A Mind to Kill is a police detective series set in Wales, UK. It was developed from a 1991 pilot which starred Philip Madoc as DCI Bain, and Hywel Bennett. The series ran from 1994 to 2004 and first aired as Yr Heliwr on S4C, the Welsh language TV channel, before being broadcast on the UK Network channel, Channel 5. The series was filmed in English and in Welsh, with each scene being shot first in one language and then in the other. It has since been dubbed into more than a dozen languages and shown all over the world. The 21 episodes have been divided into 3 series which are now available on DVD. The pilot episode is also available on DVD.

  4. A Touch of Frost

    A Touch of Frost (1992)


    A Touch of Frost is a television detective series produced by Yorkshire Television (later ITV Studios) for ITV from 1992 until 2010, initially based on the Frost novels by R. D. Wingfield. Writing credit for the three episodes in the first 1992 series went to Richard Harris, with screenplays credited to Wingfield.

  5. Above Suspicion

    Above Suspicion (2009)


    Above Suspicion is a British TV series based on Lynda La Plante's novels Above Suspicion, The Red Dahlia, Deadly Intent and Silent Scream. It stars Kelly Reilly and Ciarán Hinds, and features the career of La Plante's latest heroine DC Anna Travis.

  6. African Patrol

    African Patrol (1957)


    African Patrol is a 39-episode syndicated adventure television series created, directed and produced by George Breakston in conjunction with Jack J. Gross and Philip N. Krasne. It was filmed on location in Kenya for a period of 15 months beginning in January 1957.

  7. Agatha Christie's Poirot

    Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989)


    Agatha Christie's Poirot is a British television drama that aired on ITV from 8 January 1989 to 13 November 2013. David Suchet stars as the eponymous detective, Agatha Christie's fictional Hercule Poirot. Initially produced by LWT, the series was later produced by ITV Studios. In the United States, PBS and A&E have aired it as Poirot.

  8. Agatha Christie's Marple

    Agatha Christie's Marple (2004)


    Agatha Christie's Marple (or simply Marple) is a British ITV television series based on the books and short stories by British crime novelist Agatha Christie. The title character was played by Geraldine McEwan from the first to third series, until her retirement from the role, and by Julia McKenzie from the fourth series onwards.

  9. Ashes to Ashes

    Ashes to Ashes (2008)


    Ashes to Ashes is a British science fiction and police procedural drama television series, serving as the sequel to Life on Mars.

  10. Backup

    Backup (1995)


    Backup is a BBC drama series about the work of a police Operational Support Unit (similar to the Territorial Support Group).

  11. Barlow at Large

    Barlow at Large (1971)


    Barlow at Large is a British television programme broadcast in the 1970s, starring Stratford Johns in the title role.

  12. Bergerac

    Bergerac (1981)


    Bergerac is a British television show set in Jersey. Produced by the BBC in association with the Seven Network, and first screened on BBC1, it starred John Nettles as the title character Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, a detective in Le Bureau des Étrangers ("The Foreigners' Office", a fictional department dealing with non-Jersey residents), part of the States of Jersey Police.

  13. Between the Lines

    Between the Lines (1992)


    Between the Lines is a television police drama series created by J. C. Wilsher and produced by World Productions for the BBC. It was first shown on BBC1 between 1992 and 1994, running for three series.

  14. Blue Murder

    Blue Murder (2003)


    Blue Murder is a British crime drama television series based in Manchester. Shown on ITV from 2003 until 2009 when it was cancelled by the network, it starred Caroline Quentin as DCI Janine Lewis.

  15. Broadchurch

    Broadchurch (2013)


    Broadchurch is a British television crime drama created and written by Chris Chibnall, broadcast on ITV and produced by Kudos. It stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman. Casting was announced in June 2012, with filming commencing in Clevedon in August as well as in West Bay in Bridport. It premiered on 4 March 2013 at 9:00pm on ITV. In January 2013, the series was acquired by BBC America, where it was shown in the United States beginning August 7, 2013.

  16. Budgie

    Budgie (1971)


    Budgie is a popular British television series starring former popstar Adam Faith which was produced by ITV company London Weekend Television and broadcast on the ITV network between 1971 and 1972.

  17. Bulman

    Bulman (1985)


    Bulman is a Granada TV series which ran from 1985–1987 and followed the fortunes of the major character from the earlier XYY Man and Strangers series.

  18. Burnside

    Burnside (2000)


    Burnside is a British television police procedural drama, broadcast on ITV in 2000. The series, a spin-off from ITV's long-running police drama The Bill, focused on DCI Frank Burnside, formerly a detective at Sun Hill and now working for the National Crime Squad. Burnside ran for one series of six episodes, structured as three two-part stories.

  19. By Any Means

    By Any Means (2013)


    By Any Means is a British television drama series that premiered on BBC One on 22 September 2013. In January 2014 actor Warren Brown announced via Twitter that the show had not been recommissioned for a new series.

  20. C.A.T.S. Eyes

    C.A.T.S. Eyes (1985)


    C.A.T.S. Eyes is a British television series made by TVS for ITV between 1985 and 1987.

  21. Case Histories

    Case Histories (2011)


    Case Histories is a British drama television series based on the Jackson Brodie detective novels by Kate Atkinson. It stars Jason Isaacs (who had also narrated the abridged audiobook adaptation) as Jackson Brodie.

  22. CI5: The New Professionals

    CI5: The New Professionals (1998)


    CI5: The New Professionals is a British crime drama that aired on the Sky1 satellite channel from 19 September to 19 December 1999. An updating of the late 1970s television series The Professionals, the series is set in a fictional government agency CI5 (Civilian Intelligence department 5 as opposed to MI5, Military Intelligence).

  23. Conviction

    Conviction (2004)


    Conviction is a British television crime drama that premiered on BBC Three on 7 November 2004. The six-part series was written by Bill Gallagher (previously known for Clocking Off and Out of the Blue) and stars William Ash, David Warner, Ian Puleston-Davies, Reece Dinsdale, Nicholas Gleaves, Laura Fraser, Jason Watkins and Linzey Cocker. The series was created and produced by Red Production Company and directed by Marc Munden (Vanity Fair, Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale). The producer was Ann Harrison-Baxter (The Second Coming, The Cops), with Nicola Shindler and Gareth Neame as executive producers for Red Production Company and the BBC respectively.

  24. Coppers

    Coppers (2010)


    Coppers is a British fly-on-the-wall documentary television series broadcast on Channel 4, about policing in the United Kingdom. First broadcast on 1 November 2010, the series followed the day-to-day lives of police officers (colloquially known as 'coppers') from four territorial police forces around the country, covering various activities: custody suite operations, road unit policing, 999 response, night time policing and riot control.

  25. Court Martial

    Court Martial (1965)


    Court Martial is an ITC Entertainment and Roncom Productions co-production crime drama TV series that premiered in 1966. Set during World War II, the series details the investigations of a Judge Advocate General's office.

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British crime television series
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