Celebrity measurements

See what celebrities are rocking what body measurements! Bust, height, hips, weight - celebs come in all shapes and sizes and we show you just how different they all are!
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  1. Celebrities by bra cup size 31,881 views
    Celebrities sorted by bra cup size.

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  2. Celebrities by bust size

    Celebrities by bust size

     - 21 lists
    See what celebrities are rocking what bust measurements!

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  3. Celebrities by height

    Celebrities by height

     - 7 lists
    Most celebs are tiny! Or is that just because they look so tall on the big screen? See your favorite celebs sorted by their height!

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  4. Celebrities by hip size

    Celebrities by hip size

     - 21 lists
    See what celebrities are rocking what hips sizes. Like Shakira said "it's all in the hips"!

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  5. Celebrities by waist size 18,190 views
    See what celebrities are rocking what waist size!

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  6. Celebrities by weight

    Celebrities by weight

     - 33 lists
    They always look great no matter what weight they are rocking! See your fave celebs sorted by how much they weigh! You may be surprised!

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Celebrity measurements
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