Film Theme: Unlikely Friendships

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  1. 10 Items or Less

    10 Items or Less (2006)


    10 Items or Less is a 2006 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Brad Silberling and starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega. Shot in fifteen days, 10 Items or Less made its release as a digital download – the first such release via the Internet – while it was still in theaters.

  2. 30 Days

    30 Days (2006)


  3. 4 for Texas

    4 for Texas (1963)


    4 for Texas is a 1963 American western comedy starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Anita Ekberg, Ursula Andress, and featuring screen thugs Charles Bronson and Mike Mazurki, with a cameo appearance by the Three Stooges (Larry Fine, Moe Howard and Curly Joe DeRita). The film was written by Teddi Sherman and Robert Aldrich, who also directed.

  4. 4 Minutes

    4 Minutes (2006)


    Four Minutes (German: Vier Minuten), is a 2006 drama film directed by Chris Kraus starring Monica Bleibtreu, Hannah Herzsprung, Sven Pippig, and Richy Müller.

  5. A Love Song for Bobby Long

    A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004)


    A Love Song for Bobby Long is a 2004 American drama film written and directed by Shainee Gabel. The screenplay is based on the novel Off Magazine Street by Ronald Everett Capps.

  6. About a Boy

    About a Boy (2002)


    About a Boy is a 2002 comedy-drama film co-written and directed by brothers Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. It is an adaptation of the 1998 novel of the same name by Nick Hornby. The film stars Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, and Rachel Weisz. The film at times uses double voice-over narration, when the audience hears both Will's and Marcus's thoughts.

  7. Adopt a Sailor

    Adopt a Sailor (2008)


  8. Alan & Naomi

    Alan & Naomi (1992)


    Alan & Naomi is a 1992 film about the friendship between two children in 1944 Brooklyn. Lukas Haas and Vanessa Zaoui star as the titular characters, and the screenplay is based on a novel by Myron Levoy. The 1977 novel was nominated for the American Book Award for Children's Literature and is also an honor book for the Jane Addams Children's Book Award and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award.

  9. Alice in the Cities

    Alice in the Cities (1974)


    Alice in the Cities (German: Alice in den Städten) is a 1974 German road movie directed by Wim Wenders. This was the first part of Wenders' "Road Movie Trilogy" which included The Wrong Move (1975) and Kings of the Road (1976). The film is shot in black and white by Robby Müller with several long scenes without dialogue. The film's theme closely foreshadows Wenders' later film Paris, Texas.

  10. All the Fine Promises

    All the Fine Promises (2003)


    All the Fine Promises (original French title: Toutes ces belles promesses) is a 2003 French movie directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac based on the novel Hymne à l'amour by Anne Wiazemsky.

  11. All the Little Animals

    All the Little Animals (1998)


    All the Little Animals is a 1998 feature film, directed and produced by Jeremy Thomas, based on the novel of the same name by Walker Hamilton. It was adapted for the screen by Eski Thomas, and starred Christian Bale and John Hurt.

  12. Amateur

    Amateur (1994)


    Amateur is a 1994 film written and directed by Hal Hartley starring Isabelle Huppert, Martin Donovan and Elina Löwensohn.

  13. AmericanEast

    AmericanEast (2007)


    AmericanEast is a 2008 American drama film about Arab-Americans living in Los Angeles after the September 11 attacks. The story examines long-held misunderstandings about Arabic and Islamic culture, and puts a human face on a segment of the American population about whom most Americans know nothing, but who today are of particular interest to them, either from curiosity or suspicion. The story highlights the pressures under which many Arab-Americans now live by focusing on the points-of-view of three main characters.

  14. Amexicano

    Amexicano (2007)


    Amexicano is a film directed by Matthew Bonifacio and written by Carmine Famiglietti. The film explores the relationship between a blue-collar Italian-American man and an illegal Mexican immigrant as they both try to make a living in Queens, New York. It world premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and won the Jury Award for producer/director Matthew Bonifacio in the category of Narrative Film at the 2007 Sonoma Valley Film Festival. It was released theatrically in 2008.

  15. Amigo

    Amigo (1980)


  16. Analyze That

    Analyze That (2002)


    Analyze That is a 2002 mafia comedy film, and a sequel to the 1999 film Analyze This. The film was directed and co-written by Harold Ramis (who also worked on the first film) and stars Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal who respectively reprise their roles as mobster Paul Vitti and psychiatrist Ben Sobel.

  17. Andre

    Andre (1994)


    Andre is a 1994 family comedy feature film starring Tina Majorino about a child's encounter with a seal. The film is an adaptation of the book A Seal Called Andre, which in turn was based on a true story. It was shot in Boston, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Tasmania, Australia.

  18. Andrew Jenks, Room 335

    Andrew Jenks, Room 335 (2006)


  19. Another 48 Hrs.

    Another 48 Hrs. (1990)


    Another 48 Hrs. is a 1990 action-crime comedy film and a sequel to the 1982 film 48 Hrs.. It was directed by Walter Hill and stars Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Brion James, Andrew Divoff, and Ed O'Ross. In the film, Nolte reprises his role as San Francisco police officer Jack Cates, who has 48 hours to clear his name from a potential manslaughter charge. To do so, he needs the help of Reggie Hammond (Murphy), Cates's friend who is now a newly released convict. At the same time, a notorious mastermind known only as The Iceman has hired a gang of bikers to kill Reggie.

  20. Arranged

    Arranged (2007)


    Arranged (2007) is an independent feature film produced by Cicala Filmworks. The film was written by Stefan Schaefer and is based in part on the story of Rochel Silverman, an Orthodox Jewish woman from Borough Park, Brooklyn and her friendship with a young Muslim woman. Schaefer co-directed and produced the film with his long-time collaborator Diane Crespo.

  21. As Good as It Gets

    As Good as It Gets (1997)


    As Good as It Gets is a 1997 American romantic comedy film directed by James L. Brooks and produced by Laura Ziskin. It stars Jack Nicholson as a misanthropic, obsessive-compulsive novelist, Helen Hunt as a single mother with an asthmatic son, and Greg Kinnear as a gay artist. The screenplay was written by Mark Andrus and James L. Brooks.

  22. Assisted Living

    Assisted Living (2003)


    Assisted Living is a 2003 American comedy film directed and written by Elliot Greenbaum. It depicts a day in the life of Todd, a janitor at an assisted living facility. He befriends the residents, one of whom confuses him for her son. Assisted Living won 4 awards at film festivals, including the Grand Jury Prize at the 2003 Slamdance Film Festival.

  23. Baby Mama

    Baby Mama (2008)


  24. Bad Santa

    Bad Santa (2003)


    Bad Santa is a 2003 American Christmas black comedy film directed by Terry Zwigoff, and starring Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, and Lauren Graham, with Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Lauren Tom, and John Ritter in supporting roles. It was Ritter's last film appearance before his death in 2003. The Coen brothers are credited as executive producers.

  25. Bear Ye One Another's Burden

    Bear Ye One Another's Burden (1988)


    Bear Ye One Another's Burden (German: Einer trage des anderen Last) is a 1988 East German drama film directed by Lothar Warneke. It was entered into the 38th Berlin International Film Festival, where Manfred Möck and Jörg Pose won the Silver Bear for Best Actor.

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Film Theme: Unlikely Friendships
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