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  1. 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

    1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (2004)


  2. 10110101 = (Rec+Play)

    10110101 = (Rec+Play) (1999)


  3. 10CC



    10cc are an English art rock band from Manchester who achieved their greatest commercial success in the 1970s. The band initially consisted of four musicians—Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme—who had written and recorded together for some three years, before assuming the "10cc" name in 1972.

  4. 10cc

    10cc (2004)


    10cc is the debut album by British rock band 10cc. It was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport, which was part-owned by guitarist and engineer Eric Stewart, and released on Jonathan King's UK Records label. The album reached No.36 in the UK.

  5. 11-17-70

    11-17-70 (1971)


  6. 12 Golden Country Greats

    12 Golden Country Greats (1996)


    12 Golden Country Greats is Ween's fifth album, and third on Elektra Records.

  7. 13

    13 (2012)


    13 is the sixth studio album by English alternative rock band Blur, released in late March 1999. Jettisoning the Britpop sound of Blur's early career as well as the lo-fi, indie rock and alternative rock of previous album, Blur (1997), 13 contains elements of experimental, psychedelic and electronic music.

  8. 15 Big Ones

    15 Big Ones (1976)


    15 Big Ones is the twentieth studio album by American rock group The Beach Boys released in July 1976. It was their first studio album since Holland three years earlier, and the first produced by Brian Wilson since Pet Sounds ten years earlier. With Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar having left the group, 15 Big Ones marks the first album to feature the classic five-piece lineup of the Beach Boys (brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson; cousin Mike Love; and friend Al Jardine) since 1965's The Beach Boys Today!.

  9. 1999

    1999 (2007)


    1999 is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Prince. It released on October 27, 1982 by Warner Bros. Records. The album was his first top ten album on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States (peaking at number 9) and became the fifth best-selling album of 1983 and was certified Multi-Platinum by RIAA. 1999 was Prince's breakthrough album, but his next album, Purple Rain, would become his most successful. The title track was a protest against nuclear proliferation and became his first top ten hit in countries outside the United States.

  10. 20/20

    20/20 (1969)


  11. 20ten

    20ten (2010)


    20Ten is the thirty-second studio album by American recording artist Prince. It was released on July 10, 2010, by NPG Records as a free covermount with the Daily Mirror and Daily Record in the UK and Ireland, and Het Nieuwsblad and De Gentenaar in Belgium. It was also released on July 22, 2010, with Rolling Stone magazine in Germany, and Courrier International in France.

  12. 24/7

    24/7 (2009)


    24/7 is the title of the seventh studio album by GusGus. The album was released on 14 September 2009 through the German label Kompakt, which delayed the record from the first announced release of 6 July 2009. The first single was "Add This Song", released on 22 June 2009, with remixes from Lopazz & Zarook, Gluteus Maximus, Patrick Chardronnet and Klovn. Beginning on 4 September 2009, a full album leak started spreading on various internet blogs and forums. On 19 October 2009, "Thin Ice" was released as the second single.

  13. 2nd Wind

    2nd Wind (1991)


    2nd Wind is the thirteenth studio album by the American musician Todd Rundgren. It was released in 1991 and reached number one-hundred and eighteen on the Billboard 200 album chart. 2nd Wind includes the single "Change Myself" and was Rundgren's final studio album on a major label until 2004's Liars.

  14. 3/5

    3/5 (2006)


  15. 3 Bats Live

    3 Bats Live (2007)


  16. 4E


    American, Editor

  17. 5 by Monk by 5

    5 by Monk by 5 (2007)


  18. 5 Chinese Brothers

    5 Chinese Brothers


  19. 5ive Style

    5ive Style


    Five Style (a name taken from a martial arts technique called "Five Style Fist"), also known as 5ive Style, is a Chicago-based funk/jam quartet. Their albums were released on the Subpop label in the 1990s. The group existed from about 1993-2000 in various incarnations, centered around the guitar work of Billy Dolan (who has also played in Heroic Doses, and The Fire Theft which featured 3 members of Sunny Day Real Estate, among other projects). Other members were major players of the 1990s Chicago music scene and included bassist Leroy Bach (of Chicago funk group Uptighty, the first Liz Phair studio band, and Wilco fame), drummer John Herndon (aka "Johnny Machine", who made his first appearances on record in "Tool of the Man" era Poster Children and became established as a longstanding drummer/percussionist in Tortoise), and keyboardist Jeremy Jacobsen (also known as The Lonesome Organist and member of Euphone). Drummer Ryan Rapsys, also of Euphone and Gauge, filled in on drums on a January 2000 tour when they opened for Giant Sand and Vic Chesnutt. 5ive Style were the opening act in a brief May 1996 tour which also included The Sea and Cake and Tortoise; by some accounts these dates were the best shows of the Chicago "post-rock" hey day.

  20. 5ive Style

    5ive Style (1995)


  21. 5uu's



    The 5uu's were an American avant-rock group founded in Los Angeles, California in 1984 by drummer-composer Dave Kerman. The group released their first album in 1986 and recorded a second in 1988 with Motor Totemist Guild, a similar band from the area. The two groups merged in 1988 to form U Totem and made two albums. When U Totem split up in 1994, the 5uu's reformed and went on to make two more albums. In 2000 the band became known as Dave Kerman/5uu's and released a further two albums under this name.

  22. 6 Degrees Of Separation

    6 Degrees Of Separation (1994)


  23. 8 Million Stories

    8 Million Stories (2003)


  24. 8 Track Stomp

    8 Track Stomp (1991)


  25. 900

    900 (1905)

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Music Mood: Quirky
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