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  1. Aaron Cardozo

    Aaron Cardozo

    Gibraltarian businessman

  2. Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī

    Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī

    Spanish, Mathematician

  3. Abbot Oliva

    Abbot Oliva


    Oliva or Oliba (c. 971-1046) was the count of Berga (998-1003) and Ripoll and later bishop of Vic (1018–1046) and abbot of Sant Miquel de Cuixà. He was the son of a noble Catalan house who abdicated his secular possessions to take up the Benedictine habit in the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll. He is considered one of the spiritual founders of Catalonia and perhaps the most important prelate of his age in the Iberian Peninsula.

  4. Abel Folk

    Abel Folk

    Spanish, Actor

  5. Abelardo Lafuente García-Rojo

    Abelardo Lafuente García-Rojo

    Spanish, Architect

  6. Aben Humeya

    Aben Humeya


    Aben Humeya (born as Fernando de Valor; 1520–1569) was a Spanish leader who commanded the Morisco Revolt against Philip II of Spain in the Alpujarras region, near Granada.

  7. Abiathar Crescas

    Abiathar Crescas

    1 view
    Spanish, Philosopher

  8. Abner of Burgos

    Abner of Burgos

    Spanish, Philosopher

  9. Abraham bar Hiyya

    Abraham bar Hiyya

    Spanish, Philosopher

  10. Abraham ben Isaac of Granada

    Abraham ben Isaac of Granada


    Abraham ben Isaac of Granada also Abraham Merimon was a Kabbalist of the thirteenth century.

  11. Abraham Cresques

    Abraham Cresques


    Abraham Cresques (died 1387) was a Jewish cartographer from Palma, Crown of Aragon, who, in collaboration with his son Jehuda Cresques, compiled the Catalan Atlas of 1375.

  12. Abraham ibn Ezra

    Abraham ibn Ezra


    Rabbi Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra (Hebrew: ????? ??? ???? or ???"?, Arabic ??? ????; also known as Abenezra) (1089 — 1164) was born at Tudela, Navarre (now in Spain) in 1089, and died c. 1164, apparently in Calahorra. He was one of the most distinguished Jewish men of letters and writers of the Middle Ages. Ibn Ezra excelled in philosophy, astronomy/astrology, mathematics, poetry, linguistics, and exegesis; he was called The Wise, The Great and The Admirable Doctor.

  13. Abraham Lévy-Bacrat

    Abraham Lévy-Bacrat


    Abraham Lévy-Bacrat (fl. 1492-1507) was a rabbinical author of the beginning of the sixteenth century. Expelled from Spain in 1492, he settled at Tunis, where in 1507 he wrote Sefer ha-Zikkaron, a supercommentary on Rashi. The manuscript remained unprinted till 1845, when it was discovered in a Jewish library in Tunis. The work has several prefaces, one of which, written by the author himself, recounts his sufferings at the time of the expulsion from Spain.

  14. Abraham Mateo

    Abraham Mateo

    Spanish, Musician

  15. Abraham Miguel Cardoso

    Abraham Miguel Cardoso

    1 view

    Abraham Miguel Cardozo (also Cardoso; c. 1630 – 1706) was a Shabbethaian prophet and physician born in Spain. A descendant of the Marranos in the Portuguese city of Celorico, he studied medicine together with his brother Fernando Isaac, and while the latter was given to his studies, Michael spent his time in singing serenades under ladies' balconies. After having completed his education, he left Spain for Venice. There, probably at the instigation of his brother, he embraced Judaism and received the name "Abraham". Later he established himself as a physician at Livorno, but did not meet with much success until his recommendation by the Grand Duke of Tuscany to Othman, the bey of Tripoli.

  16. Abraham Saba

    Abraham Saba

    1 view

    Abraham Saba (1440–1508) was a preacher in Castile who became a pupil of Isaac de Leon. At the time of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain he took refuge in Portugal, where he met with further misfortune; for scarcely had he settled in Oporto when King Manuel I of Portugal ordered all Jews to be expelled from Portugal, all Jewish children to become Christians, and all Hebrew books to be burned (December 24, 1496). Saba's two sons were forcibly taken from him, and he fled from Oporto, abandoning his entire library and succeeding only at the risk of his life in saving his own works in manuscript.

  17. Abraham Solomon ben Isaac ben Samuel Catalan

    Abraham Solomon ben Isaac ben Samuel Catalan


    Abraham Solomon ben Isaac ben Samuel Catalan (born in Catalonia; died 1492) was the author of a work treating the eternity of the world, Providence, prophecy, immortality, and the resurrection, and also dealing with mathematical, physical, and cabalistic subjects. It appeared under the title Neweh Shalom (Dwelling of Peace), Constantinople, 1538; Venice, 1574, with a preface by Moses Almosnino, who cites it several times in his work, Me'ammetz Koach. Catalan also translated into Hebrew Albertus Magnus's Philosophia Pauperum, under the title Kitztzur ha-Philosophia ha-Chib'it (Synopsis of Natural Philosophy), and Marsilius of Inghen's Questions, under the title Sha'alot u-Teshubot (Questions and Answers). Both are still extant in manuscript; Catalan's preface to the latter work was published by Adolf Jellinek, without mention of the translator, together with the index of the questions, under the title Marsilius ab Inghen (Leipzig, 1859).

  18. Acacio Valbuena Rodríguez

    Acacio Valbuena Rodríguez

    1 view
    Roman Catholic Prefect for Western Sahara

  19. Achero Mañas

    Achero Mañas

    Spanish, Actor

  20. Achille Rivarde

    Achille Rivarde


  21. Adam Raga

    Adam Raga

    Spanish motorcycle racer

  22. Adama Traoré (Spanish footballer)

    Adama Traoré (Spanish footballer)

    Spanish footballer

  23. Adela Cortina

    Adela Cortina

    1 view
    Spanish, Philosopher

  24. Adela Úcar

    Adela Úcar

    Spanish journalist

  25. Adelardo López de Ayala y Herrera

    Adelardo López de Ayala y Herrera

    Spanish, Writer

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