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  1. Claudio Castagnoli

    Claudio Castagnoli


    Claudio Castagnoli (born December 27, 1980), better known by his ring name Cesaro, is a Swiss professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE. He is previously known for his work in Ring of Honor (ROH), various independent promotions, and the Japan-based Pro Wrestling Noah.

  2. Gilbert Favre

    Gilbert Favre


    Gilbert Favre (November 19, 1936 – December 12, 1998) was a clarinetist from Geneva, Switzerland. He trained at the Conservatory of Geneva, and also played jazz clarinet. In South America, he discovered the quena, and when he moved to Bolivia, he traded in his clarinet. In La Paz, he created the musical cabaret La Pena de Naira at the Place San Francisco featuring indigenous music. The club became a hub for the diplomatic corps stationed in La Paz, as well as a favorite for Bolivians. Gilbert was the founding member of the popular Bolivian folk group Los Jairas. Favre was commonly referred to as "El Gringo" by the Bolivian public. Favre traveled from Geneva to South America as assistant to the Swiss anthropologist Jean Christian Spahni. In Santiago, Favre met celebrated Chilean folk singer Violeta Parra and fell in love, provoking Parra's divorce. There Favre played quena with Violetta, and with her son Angel Parra. He appears on recordings as "El Tocador Afuerino". Favre eventually left for Bolivia, where he created La Pena de Naira and started experimenting with Andean music playing alongside virtuoso guitar player Alfredo Dominguez and renowned singer Ernesto Cavour,. Parra appeared several times at La Pena. Favre returned to Geneva in the early 1960s together with Parra; after a few years in Europe, they returned to South America. As the Trio Domínguez-Favre-Cavour gained media attention and became increasingly popular for their "neofolklore", Favre decided not to move back to Chile and left Parra for good; she would later write "Run Run Se Fue Pa'l Norte," dedicated to her lover. Violetta Parra would later commit suicide. Their relationship was portrayed in the award-winning film Violeta Went to Heaven (2011), in which Favre was played by Thomas Durand.

  3. Sikhanyiso Dlamini

    Sikhanyiso Dlamini


    Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini of Swaziland (born September 1, 1987) is the eldest daughter of His Majesty King Mswati III of Swaziland. She is the first of his 30 children, and her mother is the first of King Mswati's 10 queens, Inkhosikati LaMbikiza (Sibonelo Mngometulu).

  4. Jean-Francois Balmer

    Jean-Francois Balmer


  5. Clifford Sibusiso Mamba

    Clifford Sibusiso Mamba


    Clifford Sibusiso Mamba (born 5 May 1963 in Manzini) is a Swazi diplomat and former Olympic athlete. Mamba competed for Swaziland at the 1984 Summer Olympics in the 100m and 200 m races.

  6. Dennis Masina

    Dennis Masina


    Dennis Yuki Mcebo Masina (born 29 May 1982) is a Swazi footballer who plays for Mpumalanga Black Aces as a midfielder.

  7. Lutfo Dlamini

    Lutfo Dlamini


    Lutfo Ephraim Dlamini (born 7 July 1960) is a politician from Swaziland. He is married to Thelma Ncane Smith-Dlamini and has four children, named Jabu, Malungisa, Bhekithemba and Siphosenkhosi in chronology of birth. Dlamini has been the foreign minister of Swaziland since taking over in October 2008. Prior to appointment as foreign minister, Dlamini was the Minister for Enterprise and Employment, from 1998 to 2008. He is currently the Minister of Labour and Social Security after he was moved from the foreign ministry office. Lutfo Dlamini was the Minister of Defence that has no political representative but exists as a ministry. He is also the chairman of Philani Maswati Charity organization, a royal initiative to help the elderly people of Swaziland. The patron of Philani Maswati is the Queen mother of Swaziland. He is one of the most controversial politicians in Swaziland because he has been holding public office since 1998, making this his 14th year against the Swazi constitution.

  8. Prince Sozisa Dlamini

    Prince Sozisa Dlamini


    Prince Sozisa Dlamini of Swaziland (born c. 1912, died 1992), was Chief of Gundvwini. He became the Authorized Person of Swaziland from 1982 to 1985 after the death of King Sobhuza II, and in 1983 was briefly the acting Regent of the country, after he deposed Queen Dzeliwe. From 1983 he was Authorized Person to the new Queen Regent, Ntombi, with greater powers. Although lacking the title, he was for most purposes the de facto ruler of the country. He fell from power in July 1984, after being accused of planning a coup, and was suspended as Authorized Person until Queen Ntombi terminated his appointment on 1 November 1985.

  9. Stanley Dlamini

    Stanley Dlamini


    Major-General Stanley S. Dlamini is the commander of the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force (USDF). He has held this post since August 2000. He originally joined the USDF in the spring of 1977.

  10. Natan Gamedze

    Natan Gamedze


    Natan Gamedze (born 1963, Swaziland) is a Haredi rabbi and lecturer. Born to the royal lineage of the Gamedze clan of the Kingdom of Swaziland, he converted to Judaism, received rabbinic ordination, and now lectures to Jewish audiences all over the world with his personal story as to how an African prince became a Black Haredi Jewish rabbi.

  11. Lydia Makhubu

    Lydia Makhubu


    Lydia Makhubu (born 1937) is a Swaziland chemist. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Swaziland from 1988 to 2003, she attended the University of Toronto where she studied medicinal chemistry

  12. Ntombi of Swaziland

    Ntombi of Swaziland


    Ntfombi, Indlovukati of Swaziland (born Ntfombi Tfwala c. 1950), has been the Indlovukati (Great She-Elephant) and Joint Head of State of Swaziland since 1986. She was also regent of Swaziland from 1983 to 1986. She is the mother of King Mswati III.

  13. Ndumiso Mamba

    Ndumiso Mamba


    Ndumiso C. Mamba is a former minister of justice in Swaziland. He was a youth friend of king Mswati III. He became the minister of justice in October 2008. He resigned in August 2010 after being found in bed with Mswati Nothando Dube, the 12th wife of the king, in Royal Villas Hotel near Mbabane in July 2010. Mamba is probably under arrest at central prison in Big Bend. He is also accused of having spent too much on foreign journeys.

  14. Patricia McFadden

    Patricia McFadden


    Patricia McFadden (born 1952) is a radical African feminist, sociologist, writer, educator, and publisher from Swaziland. She is also an activist and scholar who worked in the anti-apartheid movement for more than 20 years. McFadden has worked in the African and global women’s movements as well. As a writer, she has been the target of political persecution. She has worked as editor of the "Southern African Feminist Review" and African Feminist Perspectives. She currently teaches, and advocates internationally for women's issues. McFadden has served as a professor at Cornell University, Spelman College, Syracuse University and Smith College in the United States. She also works as a ‘feminist consultant,’ supporting women in creating institutionally sustainable feminist spaces within Southern Africa.

  15. Thuli Brilliance Makama

    Thuli Brilliance Makama


    Thuli Brilliance Makama is a Swazi environmental attorney. She was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2010.

  16. Vincent Ncongwane

    Vincent Ncongwane


    Vincent Ncongwane was born on 10 April 1962. He is the former secretary general of the Swaziland United Democratic Front, and the acting secretary general of the Swaziland Federation of Labour, and the Swaziland Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers, as well as being the secretary of the Labour Coordinating Council. He played a major role in the formation of the latter organisation - which is the coordinating body of the two national labour centres (Swaziland Federation of Labour and Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions) and the stand alone Swaziland National Teacher's Union.

  17. Prince Mfanasibili of Swaziland

    Prince Mfanasibili of Swaziland


    Prince Mfanasibili of Swaziland is the son of Prince Makhosikhosi who was brother to King Sobhuza II. He was a cabinet minister during the reign of Sobhuza II and became a powerful member of the Liqoqo council during the subsequent regency (1983-1986). He orchestrated the removal of Queen Dzeliwe Shongwe as Regent after she was discovered to be involved in acts of high treason and saw that the Queen Mother Indlovukazi Ntombi la Tfwala replaced her. After Prince Makhosetive was installed on the throne, Mfanasibili was convicted of "defeating the ends of justice" in his actions during the regency and sentenced to seven years in prison. Mfanasibili was later given a royal pardon.

  18. Labotsibeni Mdluli

    Labotsibeni Mdluli


    Labotsibeni Mdluli also known as Gwamile (c. 1859 – December 15, 1925) was the Queen Mother and Queen Regent of Swaziland. She was born at Luhlekweni in northern Swaziland about 1858, the daughter of Matsanjana Mdluli. At the time of her birth, her father was away fighting the people of Tsibeni in what became the Barberton district of the Transvaal—hence her name. Following the death of her father she moved with her uncle Mvelase Mdluli to the royal homestead at Ludzidzini in the Ezulwini Valley, central Swaziland. It was there that she received some training in statecraft from the old queen mother, Thandzile (‘LaZidze’), widow of King Sobhuza I and mother of Mswati II. She became one of the wives of the young Ingwenyama or king of the Swazi, Mbandzeni Dlamini (c.1857–1889), soon after his succession in 1874. They had four surviving children, three sons, Bhunu (c.1875–1899), Malunge (c.1880–1915), and Lomvazi (c.1885–1922), and a daughter, Tongotongo (c.1879–1918).

  19. Swaziland



  20. Guduza Dlamini

    Guduza Dlamini


    Prince Guduza Dlamini is the Speaker of the House of Assembly of Swaziland since being appointed in November 2006. He is a member of the House of Dlamini and the brother of Mswati III of Swaziland.

  21. Barnes Dlamini

    Barnes Dlamini


    Barnes Dlamini is the president of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU). Barnes was unanimously elected president at the SFTU congress in 2009, after having served at its vice president for four years. Barnes is also the president of the Swaziland United Democratic Front.

  22. Dzeliwe of Swaziland

    Dzeliwe of Swaziland


    Inkhosikati LaShongwe (b. Dzeliwe Shongwe 1927 – 2003) was Queen Regent of Swaziland between 21 September 1982 and 9 August 1983. She was a wife of king Sobhuza II of Swaziland, and with him had one child, Prince Khuzulwandle Dlamini. After the death of her husband in August 1982, the Royal Congress named Dzeliwe as Queen Regent, and Prince Sozisa Dlamini as the "Authorized Person", or regent's advisor, until Prince Makhosetive, designated by the king as his successor, reached the age of eighteen. The Liqoqo supported her regency, but soon there were disagreements between her Prime Minister, Mabandla Dlamini, and other members of Congress led by Mfansibili Dlamini. These problems continued until March 1983, when Prince Mabandla was replaced by Prince Bhekimpi Dlamini. Queen Dzeliwe opposed this dismissal, and this led to her being replaced by the mother of Makhosetive, Ntfombi of Swaziland, as regent.

  23. Moses Mathendele Dlamini

    Moses Mathendele Dlamini


    Dr. Moses Mathendele Dlamini (born 2 December 1947) is a Swazi political figure. He was a Senator and is acting chief of Mbelebeleni in the Shiselweni District. He was also Swaziland's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 2006 to 2008. Since October 2008 he has been serving in king Mswati III's advisory council or Swaziland national council standing committee(Liqoqo supreme council).

  24. Sobhuza II

    Sobhuza II


    Sobhuza II, (also known as Nkhotfotjeni, Mona ) (22 July 1899 – 21 August 1982) was the Paramount Chief and later King of Swaziland for 82 years, the longest verifiable reign of any monarch in recorded history. Sobhuza was born on 22 July 1899 at Zombodze Royal Residence, the son of Inkhosikati Lomawa Ndwandwe and King Ngwane V. When he was only four months old, his father died suddenly while dancing incwala. Sobhuza was chosen King soon after that and his grandmother Labotsibeni and his uncle Prince Malunge led the Swazi nation until his maturity in 1921. Sobhuza led Swaziland through independence until his death in 1982. He was succeeded by Mswati III, his young son with Inkhosikati Ntfombi Tfwala, who was crowned in 1986.

  25. His Majesty King Mswati III

    His Majesty King Mswati III


    Mswati III (born Prince Makhosetive Dlamini on 19 April 1968) is the current King (Swazi language: Ngwenyama or Ingwenyama) of Swaziland and head of the Swazi Royal Family. Mswati was born in Manzini, Swaziland to King Sobhuza II and one of his younger wives Ntfombi Tfwala. Mswati was Tfwala’s only child. He attended primary school at Masundvwini Primary School and secondary school at Lozitha Palace School. He then attended from 1983 to 1986 Sherborne School in north-west Dorset, England. Makhosetive was crowned Mswati III, Ingwenyama and King of Swaziland on 25 April 1986 at the age of 18, thus becoming the youngest ruling monarch at the time in the world. Together with his mother Ntfombi Tfwala, now Queen Mother (Ndlovukati), he rules the country as an absolute monarch. Mswati III is known for his practice of polygyny (although at least two wives are appointed by the state) and currently has 15 wives. His policies and opulent lifestyle have also triggered domestic protests.

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